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First attempt at ombre nails

Fall has arrived, and the multitude of darker nail polishes have arrived as well. I’m having a hard time letting my bright summery colors go, so I decided I needed at least one last bright and happy manicure. Pittsburgh has a long winter/ cold season, so I figure I have plenty of time for darker fall colors.

The ombre manicure has always been something I’ve wanted to try, but I’ve been intimidated. I watched a bunch of videos and looked at tutorials, and picked my favorite summery color to work with.

First, I painted my nails with 2 coats of Color Club Blue-ming (an amazing mint green that I love on its own). Then I chose an array of colors that would transition to a vivid purple. In retrospect, I think I used too many colors but it ended up alright anyways.


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Nail Stamping

I loved all the patterns of Sally Hansen’s nail polish strips, but each time I wanted a patterned manicure it was at least $10. Pinterest introduced me to the wonders of nail stamping, so I recently decided to try my hand at it (pun semi-intended). I bought a set of Gals nail plates (the “princes” set) to test out and played around. It’s surprisingly easy to learn and looks fabulous. My first few attempts weren’t the best, but I figured out a few things to make it easier. Image

Obviously not perfect (I tried to fill in some empty space on my ring and middle finger, which ended up darker than I wanted… but oh well), but I enjoy it.

The above nail colors: base is Essie Tart Deco (pretty tangerine color) and stamping color is Zoya Valerie (on its own, a dark sparkly purple). I used Seche Vite top coat, which I recommend above all else. I tried to do stamping with a different top coat and despite letting the stamp dry for hours, the top coat I used smeared the beautiful pattern.Image

See? Gorgeous pattern, but it was so nice and crisp before the top coat and ended up blurry afterwards. The above manicure has the following colors: base is Sephora by OPI A-Ha! Moment and stamp is Sinful Colors Let’s Talk.

Point being… get Seche Vite top coat and have fun stamping! It’s a blast!

Tape manicure

1. Revlon Snow Bunny as a base (I used 3 coats to make it completely opaque)
2. Let it dry completely… as in hours and hours.
3. Tape off diagonally
4. Paint the bottom portion with Essie’s e-nuf is e-nuf
… Ta da! You’re done. I got a lot of compliments on this manicure!

My very first blog post… Let me introduce myself. I am living in Pittsburgh, PA with my husband, Grant, and our dog Kaiser. We moved here from Norfolk, VA just over a year ago so I could start my neonatology fellowship (for those who don’t know, that is the specialty training doctors go through to become a baby doctor working in neonatal intensive care units).

I spend a ton of time in the hospital, studying, researching, and generally doing nerdy things to further my medical training. In my off time, I love to keep busy with crafting, concerts, movies, etc. I taught myself how to make jewelry back in my 4th year of medical school, taught myself how to knit during residency, and recently became obsessed with all things nail-related. 

I was going to set up an Etsy shop to sell jewelry and knitted items, but I found I couldn’t part with the non-gift pieces I made. I just loved them too much! So here comes the blog where I can just post pictures of the things I create and make y’all jealous instead! 😉