Nail Stamping

I loved all the patterns of Sally Hansen’s nail polish strips, but each time I wanted a patterned manicure it was at least $10. Pinterest introduced me to the wonders of nail stamping, so I recently decided to try my hand at it (pun semi-intended). I bought a set of Gals nail plates (the “princes” set) to test out and played around. It’s surprisingly easy to learn and looks fabulous. My first few attempts weren’t the best, but I figured out a few things to make it easier. Image

Obviously not perfect (I tried to fill in some empty space on my ring and middle finger, which ended up darker than I wanted… but oh well), but I enjoy it.

The above nail colors: base is Essie Tart Deco (pretty tangerine color) and stamping color is Zoya Valerie (on its own, a dark sparkly purple). I used Seche Vite top coat, which I recommend above all else. I tried to do stamping with a different top coat and despite letting the stamp dry for hours, the top coat I used smeared the beautiful pattern.Image

See? Gorgeous pattern, but it was so nice and crisp before the top coat and ended up blurry afterwards. The above manicure has the following colors: base is Sephora by OPI A-Ha! Moment and stamp is Sinful Colors Let’s Talk.

Point being… get Seche Vite top coat and have fun stamping! It’s a blast!

8 thoughts on “Nail Stamping

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  2. Catherine Dream

    I loooove stamping, I got into it about a week ago and I’m hooked! But I’m at war with Seche Vite, it shrinks like nobody’s business, and I refuse to use it… 😉 I’m using Sally Hansen Insta Dri top coat at the moment, just because I have it at home, but it smears a bit (not terribly) and it bubbles. I ordered Poshe which I’ve never used before and I am super excited to try it, heard it doesn’t smear…
    So you bought Gals, have you tried Cheeky or Konad?
    Take care,

  3. doctorcrafty Post author

    I recently bought a few Konad plates and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. I have some Cheeky plates on my amazon wishlist, so eventually I’ll try those too!
    I found that Seche Vite (or any other insta-dri top coats like it) works better if you paint over the tips of your nails with both your color polish and the top coat.
    Enjoy stamping!

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Bleh indeed! I browsed top coat reviews awhile back and found an amazing post comparing Seche Vite and another one. Unfortunately, for the life of me I cannot find this post again and can’t remember what the other top coat was. The person posting thought that this elusive other brand was better than Seche Vite in terms of shrinkage but took longer to dry and wasn’t as shiny. Anyways, maybe I’ll find that post again someday and figure out the other brand!
      I usually change my nails up so frequently that shrinkage doesn’t bother me too much. Hopefully you’re the same way!

      1. Catherine Dream

        Argh, now I’m wondering what that top coat was! ; )
        I’m using Poshé now, I was hoping for awesome, but it shrinks too, like a little b.
        But you’re totally right!!!, since I broke my foot/got into stamping, I’m changing my colours so often it doesn’t bother me! Such joy! It may shrink, whatever, I’ll change it into something awesome anyway 😉 As long as it doesn’t smear my design and dries fast, Poshé dose it, btw. But I’ll buy Seche after Poshé cause I can just pop into boots and get it! whilst I have to order Poshé, both shrink, so what the point 😉
        And Seche doesn’t smear does it? (I used it prestamping) I read literally like a gazillions review and comparisons of topcoats and poshe and Seche it is.

      2. doctorcrafty Post author

        I found it! INM’s Out the Door. And the blog post was from – she posted in 2 parts and it was a very in-depth comparison.

  4. Catherine Dream

    Yeh yes yes, I’ve seen it a while ago, totally forgot! The only problem with trying INM for me is availability! Thats why I ordered Poshé and I’ll probably go back to Seche. You know, availability is a important factor too, that’s the thing ; )


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