Half moon manicure

My 80s themed neon manicure – not so work appropriate for a doctor. I changed it up this evening using the half moon technique I’ve been seeing everywhere. Definitely still an amateur at this, but my left hand turned out great. Can’t say the same for my right!


I started out with a base color of Zoya Carey, which is a great light grey neutral even on its own. Above is just one coat which is sufficient.


I used the reinforcement stickers cut in half, then painted the top color with OPI Russian Navy. Some tutorials I saw recommended letting the top color dry completely before taking the sticker off, but most recommended taking it off while the polish is still wet. I figured it would be similar to a tape manicure, so I peeled off the sticker while the polish was still wet which I definitely find superior. If you can see, my ring finger has a small imperfection which happened because I left that sticker on a little too long.

In retrospect, I also recommend putting both your right and left hand stickers on before painting any of your nails as it is very difficult to manipulate the stickers while one of your hands has wet nail polish. I think that was the problem I had with painting my right hand.

Overall, I will definitely be doing this again since I love any manicure that can utilize multiple colors!

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