An award? Me? Oh, you shouldn’t have ;-)

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Thank you so much! I’m really honored since I’m super new to blogging and haven’t done much, but I’ve really enjoyed it so far! And I love Cat’s thoughtful comments to my posts, so even more happy about this nomination.


The Liebster award is intended to give some exposure to small blogs with less than 200 followers. The rules are as follows:

1] Link back to the blogger who nominated you
2] Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you
3] Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers
4] Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of your nomination
5] Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.

I haven’t done a ton of searching of other blogs, so I will be working on the 11 other nominations. For now, I’ll answer Cat’s questions and post later with my own nominees and questions for them!

1) Name the first 5 items you see right now if you open your fridge… Guacamole (so yummy!), Coke Zero, skim milk, corn, and tuna steaks. My husband makes the meanest ahi tuna there is. Can’t wait for dinner 🙂

2) What would be your dream career path? And is it the one you’re on right now? … My dream career path is most definitely the one I’m on currently. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor and I’m in love with saving/ treating the tiniest and sickest babies. It’s a miraculous and sometimes tragic job, but it gives me so much personal worth and satisfaction if I can make even one family happier by what I can do for their newest tiniest family addition.

3) What is your favourite nail polish finish and colour family? … Finish – glitter or creme. I like matte, but haven’t found many polishes of my own that make this look good. Color family – the whole blue-green continuum. I love turquoise, mint greens, blues. Also, a good purple is always a staple.

4) If you could read only one book for the rest of your day, what book would it be? … Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. It’s a beautiful look at life, religion, love, and war by my all-time favorite author. Vonnegut has an amazing writing style that is pseudo sci-fi with touches of hilarity, cynicism, tragedy, and optimism. I can’t get enough of his books and Cat’s Cradle is one of my favorites of his.

5) Omnivore, carnivore or herbivore? Why? … Carnivore because, well, meat = yum. I don’t eat a lot of red meat in all honesty, but every now and then I love a good steak or burger.

6) Do you get OCD about stuff? If yes, describe three such things… Oh most definitely. And now for my personal neuroses: I have to have volume (TV/ radio/ etc) set at even numbers. My silly husband did this for awhile and now I always notice if a volume is set at an odd number. It also really bothers me if papers are stapled messy. I always have to redo it and line everything up appropriately. For my final neurosis – the only black pens I use have to be Pilot G2 Gel Pens. They have to be the ultra fine 0.38 type. Cause, well, they just are the best.

7) Be awesome and tell us, what’s in your bag? … My huge gorgeous black and white Kate Spade bag with green lining (my favorite outlet buy) has a million things in it right now. I have a small makeup bag filled with random lip glosses, chapstick, and lipstick. Also, my wallet, my favorite Ray Ban sunglasses, pens (see above… obviously I have a few Pilot 0.38s in there), oil blotting papers for when my skin gets shiny, gum (always have to have gum!), my cellphone, and hand lotion. There’s more, but this post is already getting too long! 🙂

8) What was your favourite childhood story/book and do you still like it or have you grown out of it? … I loved The Seventh Princess by Nick Sullivan. It’s a story about a normal girl who is transformed into a princess and then saves everyone. Who wouldn’t want to see themselves in that story?!

9) If you could choose a wardrobe from any given decade and century what would it be? … the roaring 20s! For sure. I love the flapper look, curls, bright red lips, and of course lots of sparkles. Who doesn’t love sparkles?

10) Give us a description of what you see when you look out the window this very moment. … My husband taking our dog, Kaiser, out to pee on our front lawn.

11) And lastly, what made you start your blog and what are your goals with it? … I wanted to share with the world my voyages into craftiness with my nails, kitting, jewelry, etc. I haven’t gotten around to taking pics of my knitting and jewelry projects yet, but they’ll come eventually. I’d love to inspire others to be crafty as well. It’s been a huge stress-reliever for me and I’d recommend it to anyone!

If you’ve actually read up to here, here’s a treat!


My current manicure – I haven’t done a simple monochromatic manicure in awhile, but I LOVE these colors together. I layered OPI Vant to Bite my Neck? and Orly Purple Poodle which resulted in this deep blue-purple look. The orly color is a jelly magenta with purple and blue shimmer and is perfect over a purple base! Here’s a different view in the sunlight:


Not a great picture, but you can see the different color dynamics a bit better.

Thanks for your patience in this long post and thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “An award? Me? Oh, you shouldn’t have ;-)

  1. Catherine Dream

    Loved your answers to my questions! : )
    So inspirational that you ARE on your dream path, really!
    Blues and greens are totally my loves too, but finishes, def shimmers. You’re a glittery magpie ; ) I hate cremes. I wish I was more into them : P
    Flapper dresses. Nuff said.
    Take care ! : )


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