Love stamping!


I got a new set of stamping plates recently and am in LOVE! Bundle Monster’s Create Your Own plates are amazing. The designs are unique and vary from simple patterns to themed (there’s a nintendo controller, owl, blood spatter, Valentine’s Day, etc).

The above manicure has Essie Mink Muffs as the base color and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue-Away as the stamping color. I used my Bundle Monster plate, BM-407 for the stamp.

I also finally received a few Konad plates in the mail. I just have to say – if you want Konad plates, order them from Amazon if they’re available! I ordered straight from the Konad website and it took FOREVER for them to arrive. It was almost 3 weeks before I received my order. They must ship from the North Pole or something. Even so, I’m excited to try the new plates. The stamps seem a bit thinner than my Bundle Monster or Gals, so we’ll see if it fits on my nails. More later!

2 thoughts on “Love stamping!

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