Simple Halloween manicure

I’ve seen a lot of amazing Halloween-themed manicures out there and I obviously wanted to join in. I had lots of ideas, most of which were super busy and involved a million colors/ sparkles/ stamps/ etc. Not much actually worked out in reality… wah waaah (sad trombone sound).

I did, however, do a really fun simple manicure with water marbling and dotting.



I personally love it! The creepy yet fun and googly little eyes on a black background and then a really pretty water marble (it actually worked this time!). I used Orly Liquid Vinyl (black), Sephora by OPI A-Ha! Moment (my go-to white), and Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed (orange).



My right hand – excuse my dry cuticles. The water marble on this hand smudged at the bottom, so I camouflaged it with some black dots. Not the cleanest fix, but it looks fun from a distance 🙂

7 thoughts on “Simple Halloween manicure

  1. Catherine Dream

    Love the marbling!
    OMG, hahahaha, your pic made me realize that in my last post I posted me RIGHT hand and titled it ‘LEFT HAND’ : D hahah, lol
    I’m really laughing now, it’s 4:04am and I’m so sleepy, but this is hilarious : P
    *runs to edit it*

      1. doctorcrafty Post author

        Hahaha, amusing. The things that happen while sleep-deprived. I know it well! I used to receive packages from my sleep-deprived delirious online shopping habit. It was always a surprise 😉

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