Essie and Color Club swatch

My recent amazon purchase came in the mail the other day. I bought the Color Club Holographic Hues collection; 6 gorgeous holographic polishes in lighter shades. I’ve been dying to try them out! A full holographic manicure might have been too distracting for my ADD self, so I just did a simple manicure with an accent nail. Aaaand I’m in love.Image

I have on Essie Vested Interest on most nails, which is described as a cool grey teal. It’s almost like a hunter/ army green with teal undertones. Love the color! And very easy to apply. My holographic accent nail is Color Club’s Angel Kiss, an almost pastel green holo. So pretty! This picture is inside during the day with no flash, and you can still see how amazingly sparkly it looks!



Another picture from inside but with direct sunlight. No flash.



And a picture inside with flash. So. In. Love!

The rest of the Color Club collection is amazing too. They are all pretty similar, but I love them! They seem like they’ll be good for stamping and maybe even water marbling, so that’s my next experiment!

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