Sparkly V

… no, that’s not a new term for vajazzling. It’s my new manicure of course 😉 And I’m obsessed! I can’t stop looking at it – I think it’s a real win.





Base color: Zoya Carey… such a great neutral grey!

I then taped off the V with scotch tape.

Gradient (from bottom aka closest to my cuticles to tip): OPI Vant to Bite my Neck? (beautiful plum purple), Orly Oui (purple jelly with pretty purple and gold glitter), Orly Luxe (gold super glitter)

I just sponged on this fantastic gradient, then peeled the tape off and voila! One of my favorite manicures!

I was originally just going to do this for an accent nail or two, but I loved it so much I did it for my whole mani 🙂



It’s getting cold in Pittsburgh, so I figured my dog would enjoy getting bundled up. But as you can see here, Kaiser is merely tolerating me wrapping him up in my favorite soft blanket. Haha, what a good dog.


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