It’s so SPARKLY!

There’s a lot going on with my most recent manicure. Shimmer, holographic, and sparkle with stamping and marbling… I may have gone on overload here. It’s like a manicure on crack. I like it though (the manicure, not crack).



Stamped nails:

  • Base color- Essie Jamaica Me Crazy (an older polish of mine – gorgeous magenta shimmer)
  • Stamp- Konad m64
  • Stamping color- Color Club Cloud Nine from the Holographic Hues collection

Marbled nails:

  • 2 coats of Cloud Nine, then water marbling with the following colors:
  • Essie Jamaica Me Crazy
  • Color Club Cloud Nine
  • China Glaze Awaken

I don’t like how my left thumb came out… I think I waited too long to make my pattern. Shimmery or holographic polish tends to dry quicker in water than other polishes. But I didn’t feel like taking the time to redo it, so I’m leaving it on for now.

And here’s my right hand (please excuse how short and stubby the nails are… a few recently broke):



The marbling worked a lot better on my right hand!

Anyways, what do you think? Sparkly overload or perfect cure for dull grey wintery days?

6 thoughts on “It’s so SPARKLY!

  1. Jen

    This is absolutely stunning! I have not tried stamping and I do have a stamping kit. Is it pretty easy to do or does it take tons of practice? But, I love the color combo you used. Just gorgeous!

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Thanks so much! I find stamping to be really easy. It does take a few tries to get the hang of it, but I think it’s probably the easiest type of nail art. There are tons of video tutorials on YouTube that I looked at beforehand, but you could easily pick it up without putting in that legwork.


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