Marc Jacobs Petra

I’ve been wanting Marc Jacobs Petra since I saw the collection at Sephora. It’s such a stunning color, and I haven’t seen any other similar colors. It’s this amazing brown with copper/ bronze shimmer that has some purple-pink shades in certain lighting. Amazing!



The above pictures were taken inside next to a tabletop lamp. The left image is without flash, and the right is with flash. You can see a bit of the purple tinge with flash.

Next, pictures outside with sunlight!



Gorgeous, right? And last, but not least… a picture in harsh indoor hospital lighting:



Marc Jacobs polish is a dream in a bottle. Easy to apply, amazing pigmented color that is good in 1 coat but outstanding with 2, gorgeous bottle, and good variety of colors. The only downside? The cost. But you’re paying for an amazing polish with a designer name. End result – Petra will definitely make my list of favorite polishes.

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