Neon glitter gradient manicure

I removed that last manicure pretty quickly and decided I needed to do something that’s been on my to-do list for awhile. Nothing too labor-intensive, but still exciting for me! I bought a few of Sephora’s Formula X Xplosives topcoats. They’re all beautiful matte hexagonal/ circular glitter with an array of available colors. I bought the neon green, light blue, and orange. I love the idea of the black, white, and the black and white ones too, but those have bar glitter in them. I have an irrational disgust when it comes to bar glitter.

Enough chatty, here are some pics of this beautiful manicure. I think it more than makes up for my “meh mani” from a few days ago.



For the gradient, I used Zoya Carey (light grey) and Marc Jacobs Evelyn (dark grey) sponged on. Then I painted just one coat of Formula X Maniacal. It’s super easy to apply – packs on a lot of glitter without much fishing necessary.

I gotta say, I’m in love with gradients. So many different color options! A subtle gradient can be great background for stamping or other fun topcoat effects. So much love for this nail art technique!



The above photo is with flash.


8 thoughts on “Neon glitter gradient manicure

  1. Catherine Dream

    I find sometimes the less labour-intensive designs are very satisfying too. This looks awesome, I really like it, and that green glitter is great.
    Plus, looooove the grey gradient with it!


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