piCture pOlish Imperial swatch

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been working long hours in the NICU, which means I’m exhausted and my nails have taken a back burner. I’ve had this color on for almost a week now and there are chips galore. So sad. I finally got my hands on some amazing piCture pOlish colors through Llarowe – I was so happy to get that package! This polish didn’t disappoint. So much love for it!





This is my favorite shade of purple – bright, happy, and almost an electric/neon shade. There are small silver-pink pieces of glitter that layer beautifully and a base of shimmer within the purple. So pretty!

And with flash:



I can’t wait to try out my other piCture pOlish gems! What is your favorite polish from that brand? I’m lusting after so many! 

2 thoughts on “piCture pOlish Imperial swatch

  1. vicki258

    This looks stunning, I may need to get this the next time I order any Picture Polish nail varnishes. My current favourite Picture Polish nail varnish is Ocean, it’s so pretty.


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