Great nail organizer from the understanding husband… Plus ILNP Mutagen (H)!

Here’s how I used to store my hundreds of polishes:



And here’s what my amazing husband built (yes, built! He’s crafty too) for me:



Woo hoo! Now my polishing corner looks like a mini-nail salon. He also put up track lights nearby so my lighting would be better. What a wonderful man I married 🙂

So merry Christmas to everyone – I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday with family, friends, or even some quiet time alone. I have to work in the NICU tomorrow and am thoroughly happy to be spending Christmas day with my mom (who drove down from NY) and the hubby.

I did paint my nails a semi-Christmasy color – ILNP’s Mutagen (the holo version). It’s my personal opinion that every color is better holo-fied. I also got Barbra’s My Private Rainbow topcoat so I can accomplish my widespread holo-fying. I just am in love with ILNP. Everything I’ve received from her is to die for.

I was iffy about Mutagen (H) when I saw it in pictures because there were some shades of green that looked like vomit. But of course, since anything is better holographic I got it anyways. I am so happy that I did. It’s one of ILNP’s holo ultrachromes and has shades of silver, pink, kelly green, evergreen, army green, gold, blue, etc. And it’s HOLO (did I mention how much I love holo?).

Here are a ton of pictures that don’t do it nearly enough justice:

1st: A slightly out-of-focus shot that shows the blue-green shift-



2nd: An awkward shot that shows off the silver pinkish holo:



3rd: Light green amazingness:



4th and 5th: Just beautiful:





I can’t give enough praise to ILNP – such a great indie brand!

Merry Christmas!

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