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Orange Spotted Delft nails

I heart MoYou London. They’re probably my favorite image plates so far. I own some Konad, Messy Mansion, Bundle Monster, Gals, and Winstonia. MoYou London has such a wide variety of available images and they’re all very high quality. I got a few in the mail and love playing with them!



I layered Formula X White Matter (white, duh), then 1 coat of Formula X Firecracker (matte orange glitter topcoat). Then I used MoYou London Pro 06 image plate and stamped the flowery image using Zoya Sailor, a dark navy blue. I think it looks vaguely like Delft pottery, don’t you? Such a pretty intricate pattern that stamped so easily and I like that the orange added a super subtle touch of color.





On a side note, I just watched the 2nd episode of Sherlock’s 3rd season. Loved it – touching best man speech, seeing Sherlock & John drunk, and Sherlock teaching impressionable young minds about murder.

Saran wrap manicure

I can’t bring myself to say “saranicure.” I just can’t. I said (wrote, rather) “dotticure” and a host of other nail abbreviations, but for some reason “saranicure” is my limit… and now I’ve gone and said it twice. Damn. But anyways, whatever you wanna call it, I did it. I’ve done these in the past but never posted pictures.

I love any manicure that can utilize multiple colors &/or textures. So using the saran wrap technique is definitely a favorite.


For this, I used:

  • ILNP Admire Me, yet another amazing creation from ILNP. It’s a beautiful teal blue holo.
  • Zoya Charisma, one of my favorite purples. It looks neon but dries matte and then perks up again with some topcoat.

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Holographic Essie Sable Collar

I have a pretty simple manicure on right now. I knew I couldn’t top my last one at the moment, so it was time for a palate cleanser. I’ve had Essie’s Sable Collar for awhile and haven’t worn it yet, so I figured it was high time. Then I added my holographic top coat from ILNP (My Private Rainbow) because everything is better with a lot of sparkle and holographicy goodness!



Sable Collar is a really nice greyish brown with pink-red shimmer. I added 2 coats of ILNP’s My Private Rainbow, which makes it a bit more silvery and brings out some purple undertones. I think it looks amazing with the holographic topcoat…. but then again, I think everything looks better when there’s holo involved!

Here are some more pictures in different lighting:







I used my Seche Vite topcoat over it all, so you can see a little more tip wear than usual. These pics were taken the day after putting the polish on.

I really like this, but I’m dying to play with my new MoYou plates that just arrived!


Peekaboo holo

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before (haha), but I loooove holographic polishes. Especially the Color Club ones – they have the most jam-packed holo for good prices. As I recently said, I love it so much I’d pour it all over my body as body paint… if only there was enough in the bottle for that and for my nails!



Gorgeous, right?! I call it my peekaboo manicure because it reminds me of a curtain drape drawing back and revealing the polish underneath. Peekaboo, I seeee you orange polish!



Here’s what I did:

  • Base color: Illamasqua Purity, a beautiful pastel peach color that applies so easily. It looks more orangey in the pictures, but it really is more of a cantaloupe peach.
  • Taped using an angled sticker (See the next picture)
  • Top color: Color Club Eternal Beauty, a beautiful grape purple holo. I only used 1 coat… 1 coat! And it still looks that amazing.



Silly me – I wanted to show the sticker I used, and I showed it flipped around. See how pretty this linear holo is?! Gorgeous!



And more pics – ignore the red lobster hands please!

And I wanted to show another polish I had on recently, Julep Blakely. It’s a really pretty grey shimmer with shifts to purple and green. From what I’ve seen, it’s an exact dupe of Peace & Love & OPI and Essie For the Twill of It. I got it for super cheap during one of Julep’s big sales.



I did a really impatient manicure with this one and ended up with a lot of bubbles. I also used my favorite topper – ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) My Private Rainbow, a holographic topcoat. This topcoat comes in 3 versions: linear, scattered, or a combo. I bought the linear version, and I love it! I mean, the ability to make any polish holographic?! That’s a superpower I never dreamed of! 🙂 It looked really good over Julep Blakely, but the above pic doesn’t do it justice.

Theme of this post – Nicole loves holos!

Nail Narcissism

I’m feeling very self-congratulatory right now! I did this amazing manicure that I am absolutely obsessed with. I recently got some MoYou London image plates in the mail – I had been lusting after plates from them for quite awhile, so I was very excited to get my first and start using them.

Awhile back, I had pinned a beautiful mani from Copycat Claws (Brush Stroke with Stamping). Such a great idea, using the negative space in a stamp to fill it with a colorful background. I knew I needed to try this out.

Here’s my version of stamping using the negative space to its full advantage:


So pretty right?! There are a few stamping smears (I had “coffee hands,” you know – those shaky over-caffeinated hands), but I don’t think it detracts from the overall beauty of my digits!

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An unfortunate foray back into stamping

I’ve been doing either simple one-color manicures or varieties of gradients, so it’s been awhile since I’ve done any nail stamping. After getting some amazing image plates for the holidays, I decided I needed to get back into it.

I got a few plates from Messy Mansion and am obsessed with them! I really wanted to feature the chevron images, so I decided to do a skittlette manicure.



Not my best work here. Apparently it takes a little bit to get back into the swing of stamping again! So I only kept this manicure on for a day.

  • Base color: Julep Malia (a pretty coral polish from Julep’s recent Resort Collection that I got as an add-on for the January 2014 Maven box). Malia is very nice, but it was pretty thick and gloopy (yes, that’s the technical term for it). Maybe that’s because it was a mini sample size bottle.
  • Stamping color: A England Saint George (an absolutely gorgeous emerald green holographic polish). These pics don’t do it justice)
  • Image plate: Messy Mansion MM12 – I am in love with the image on my thumb and middle finger (too bad I didn’t stamp the middle finger very well).

I almost didn’t post this, but I figured I should share failed attempts too. Plus Messy Mansion deserves high praise!

Quick vacation manicures

Hope everyone had lovely holidays! I worked over Christmas, so I got New Years off. The husband and I went down to Virginia to visit friends and my in-laws. We missed it down there! Such great people, amazing yet cheap seafood, and best of all – the beach! We were even able to stop in Williamsburg to pick up our favorite snack, bread ends from The Cheese Shop. So yummy!

I did 2 quick manis while on break. One before I left, and another a few days in. The first:



Half moon manicure using Lime Crime Pastelchio as the base color. Pastelchio is a neon pastel lime green – I’ve been wanting this one for awhile and decided I would treat myself as a present. I don’t know if I’ll wear it on its own, but it’ll be great for nail art. And the top color is China Glaze’s Take a Trek. Now this is part of the holographic collection and it even photographs similar to a holo, but it certainly doesn’t look like a holo in person. I may be spoiled by the crazy awesome holos in the Color Club line, but I feel like this is a poor substitute for a holo in general. Plus (and I probably should’ve seen this coming), it didn’t stay the pretty color from the bottle once layered over the Lime Crime. It went from the intended steel blue-grey pseudo-holo to an almost forest green. I still like it because it ended up looking like a shimmer and the color combination still worked, but it most definitely wasn’t what I had in mind.

Then it started to chip while on break, so of course I needed to change it up!



Mmmm I LOVE this polish! I splurged on a few indie polishes from abroad (using the amazing Llarowe site) and amongst those was this gem – Emily de Molly Bo Peep. Excuse the pics – they were quickly taken on a cell phone while on vacation. But isn’t it divine?! A beautiful minty teal crelly base with variable sizes of matte pink, yellow-green, and purple glitter in both hexes and circles. Opaque in 2 coats, and I added a third to get an even better variety of glitter. So pretty! Who needs nail art when you have such an interesting polish? This is a definite happy favorite!

Hope everyone’s getting through the post-holiday blues!