Saran wrap manicure

I can’t bring myself to say “saranicure.” I just can’t. I said (wrote, rather) “dotticure” and a host of other nail abbreviations, but for some reason “saranicure” is my limit… and now I’ve gone and said it twice. Damn. But anyways, whatever you wanna call it, I did it. I’ve done these in the past but never posted pictures.

I love any manicure that can utilize multiple colors &/or textures. So using the saran wrap technique is definitely a favorite.


For this, I used:

  • ILNP Admire Me, yet another amazing creation from ILNP. It’s a beautiful teal blue holo.
  • Zoya Charisma, one of my favorite purples. It looks neon but dries matte and then perks up again with some topcoat.

Here’s Admire Me on its own:


So pretty! And some more pictures of the finished manicure:



I love how the ILNP holo just glows through the purple.

I’ve conveniently cropped my thumb out of all these pics because I injured myself in a very silly way. I was playing tug of war/ fetch with my dog, Kaiser, who is very energetic. He was chewing on his toy, and without thinking I stuck my hand in his mouth to get the toy. Well of course he chomped down at that inopportune time, thus crushing my thumb. Note to self – do not stick your hand in a dogs mouth when they are actively chewing on a toy.

Oh, and I tried using nail studs! I ordered a bunch on amazon and have been wanting to wear them for awhile. Here they are over my holographic version of Essie’s Sable Collar:


I really like it! I’ll have to play with them again. The placement will take some practice to improve, but I think the end result looks great.

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