Orange Spotted Delft nails

I heart MoYou London. They’re probably my favorite image plates so far. I own some Konad, Messy Mansion, Bundle Monster, Gals, and Winstonia. MoYou London has such a wide variety of available images and they’re all very high quality. I got a few in the mail and love playing with them!



I layered Formula X White Matter (white, duh), then 1 coat of Formula X Firecracker (matte orange glitter topcoat). Then I used MoYou London Pro 06 image plate and stamped the flowery image using Zoya Sailor, a dark navy blue. I think it looks vaguely like Delft pottery, don’t you? Such a pretty intricate pattern that stamped so easily and I like that the orange added a super subtle touch of color.





On a side note, I just watched the 2nd episode of Sherlock’s 3rd season. Loved it – touching best man speech, seeing Sherlock & John drunk, and Sherlock teaching impressionable young minds about murder.

7 thoughts on “Orange Spotted Delft nails

  1. Catherine Dream

    My first thought was: POTTERY!
    And oh my GOSH Sherlock Ep. 2!
    I mean, the two of them drunk, that’s just… I had to pause for a while, cause I thought I’d BURST. Loved it!! : )


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