Sparkly Nubbins

I can’t keep my nails too long for work – they’ll rip through gloves and hurt the tiny humans I treat. And we can’t have that! So I chopped them off recently, and now my nails are sad little nubbins. What better way to make sad nubbins happy than to sparkle them up?



I painted all but my ring finger with A England’s Saint George. It’s such a pretty scattered holographic emerald green. Love it! My ring finger is Formula X for Sephora’s Hyped. I love this polish too! It’s this shimmery electric purple that has blue micro-flakies. My pics don’t do it justice – it’s gorgeous! I also threw some dots of Saint George on that ring finger. I was rushing this part a bit because it was late at night and I was exhausted. So my dots could have been better, but I like the overall look a lot!

A few more pics for you:





And now in regular lighting (I did adjust the coloring a bit to make the polish look as it does in real life, so the rest of the pic looks kind of odd):



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6 thoughts on “Sparkly Nubbins

  1. Kairi

    This is such a cute mani plus short nails are really cute! Although I’m on a different field I know the feeling of chopping off nails, so that they wouldn’t come through the gloves. 🙂


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