Rockin’ my Juju with the Shine On Award

I got nominated for the Shine On Award by the lovely Lucy from Makeup Crazy! Check her blog out – she’s really talented in putting classy makeup looks together.

If you would like to accept and forward the award on. the ‘Shine On’ Award rules are:

1. Display the award logo to your blog
2. Show appreciation by acknowledging the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post
3. Share 7 random, interesting things about yourself
4. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and happily pass on this award,  making sure to link their blog into your post
5. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

Random me things:

  1. I knew from the age of 7 that I wanted to be a doctor. So I guess that makes me really stubborn, huh?
  2. As a junior in high school, I toured Europe for a month as a part of a concert band. It was made up of a select group of high school band students from across the east coast. I played the trumpet – I continued to play through college and I miss it! I also used to play the piano and I taught myself how to the play the flute… badly.
  3. I’m so not a sorority girl… but I was one. I went to college at a place where I didn’t know a single soul, so the Greek system was a good way to meet people and be a part of the social life. I am a Chi Omega alumnus, so I love anything involving owls or skull & crossbones!
  4. I truly think that if I met her, Jennifer Lawrence would be my best friend.
  5. I aspire one day to have someone respect my opinion enough to send me nail polish to review!
  6. I think I have impeccable taste in music, movies, & TV shows, but I have a lot of guilty pleasures too. For example, I love me some Bravo TV and crappy reality shows.
  7. On the night we met, the first things my husband and I bonded over were our shared love of Monty Python and The State.

Before I share my nominations with you, I want to show you a few pics of a new polish. Colors by Llarowe puts out some amazing holos, and I bought a few of the multichrome holos. Right now, I have on Rockin’ My Juju, which is a ridiculously amazing color. It shifts from blue to purple, but is predominantly teal-blue and has a really strong linear holo. You can easily wear it on its own since it’s opaque in 2 coats. I love it!



You can see some of the purple shift in the above pic. But really, pictures don’t do this color justice!

And with flash:


And I nominate the following blogs for the Shine On Award:

  1. The Dalai Lama’s Nails
  2. Craftynail
  3. The Adorned Claw
  4. Deliciously Unpolished
  5. Brijit’s Digits
  6. The Bubbly Brunette
  7. My Adventures in Nail Art
  8. Ginger Loves Make-up
  9. Be Happy and Buy Polish
  10. Dee’z Dazzling Designs
  11. Flight of Whimsy
  12. Polish Alcoholic
  13. Painted Fingertips
  14. Miss Holly Berries
  15. Even Lemmings Paint Their Nails!

The above blogs are my absolute favorites. I love seeing all the nail and makeup creations that come out of these incredibly talented ladies! If you’re not following them, remedy that immediately!

8 thoughts on “Rockin’ my Juju with the Shine On Award

  1. eklinman

    love the color! (you neeeed a better camera though! I found that the only thing that really separated me being good at nails and me being good at nails but getting sent some few things to review was using a better camera and editing my shots for color). love the monty python connection 🙂 my boyfriend first admitted he liked me after we joined in for a sing-along with dr horrible’s sing along blog. it was epic!

  2. Kelley @ Deliciously UnPolished

    I love the CbL holos! I really need more of them in my life, haha!
    Thank you so much for the award! And congrats to you! You are awesome! 🙂


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