Lacquer by Lissa Spring Collection Review

I was lucky enough to be sent 3 brand new creations from a local nail polish creator, Melissa of Lacquer by Lissa. She’s an amazingly creative woman who is located right here in Pittsburgh. By day, she’s a chocolatier (ummm, can you say amazing job?!), and by night she’s a superhero! JK, she also uses her creativity to make beautiful nail polish.

She just released her Spring 2014 Collection, which is an array of gorgeousness. She also is now selling vinyl nail decals, which are supercute. Some adorable bunny decals were included in my package, which made my day happy.

Here’s the packaging:


How appropriate for spring, right? It was like an early Easter basket with nail polish instead of candy! So much better for you 🙂

And now for the polishes:


First up is Sugar Coated, which Melissa describes as “a cross between orange, pink, and peach with shimmer.” This is almost like a golden coral. It applies smoothly and is opaque in 2 thin coats. I barely saw any brush strokes, which I find pretty common in the shimmer/ chrome polish category. Sugar Coated is a beautiful polish, but unfortunately it doesn’t look great with my skin tone. I think it’d look great on someone with a darker skin tone than mine!

Here’s another pic of Sugar Coated:


Next beauty is my favorite!


Bunny Love is a “pale lavender crelly with a subtle shimmer.” It’s almost a white with purple tint it’s so pale. You can see the shimmer better in person than in these pics, which is a silvery shimmer. This is sooo pretty. I was actually looking for a non-nude polish for upcoming job interviews, and I think this fits the bill perfectly. It’s classy, beautiful, and looks great on! As most other very pale polishes, it was a bit streaky on the first coat but it does even out nicely. I used 3 coats. I’m totally going to purchase a full size bottle of this!

And another pic of my Bunny Love:


And now for the glittery goodness of Dancing in the Daisies (henceforth known as DITD in this blog post):



Cute right? It’s described as “a pastel glitter mix including bubble gum pink daisies and silver holographic floating butterflies.” First, I have to say that the anal retentive nerd in me was bothered by the spelling mistake (“daises” instead of “daisies”). I honestly didn’t pick it up right away until I was editing my photos. I told Melissa and she was very easygoing about the whole thing – she prints the labels out as orders come in, so it shouldn’t affect most people I imagine.

But the polish itself is great! All pieces of glitter are suspended well, even the bigger daisies and butterflies. It’s easy to get glitter packed into each coat without too much fishing. This is going to be great glitter topcoat for Easter since it looks like an Easter basket filling! The 2 previous photos and 1 photo below shows DITD over Bunny Love. Great combo!


And of course I had to try it over other colors:


Index finger: Sally Hansen Breezy Blue, a pretty pale shimmery blue.

Middle finger: Essie Boom Boom Room, a bubblegum pink

Ring finger: Formula X White Matter, a white creme

Pinky: Essie Naughty Nautical, a gorgeous shimmery teal

I think all these colors look perfect with DITD!

So obviously I love this collection, but I think I’ll probably use Bunny Love the most. So I’m going over to Melissa’s shop to buy some more! Her full size bottles are $8.50 each for the Spring Collection. Oh, and they’re all 5-free.

You should too 😉 So here’s her info:



*If it wasn’t obvious already, these polishes were sent to me for review.*

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