Colorful yet Simple Spring Mani

Just a quick post to show you these 2 beauties I got fairly recently. My April Julep box arrived with that crazy slimy green shimmer that I used in my Ghostbuster manicure (check out my last blog post) and another polish so gorgeous I used it that day. Julep describes Kayla as “electric iris sheer with violet sheen.” It looks almost blue in certain lights, then purple with a pinkish shimmer in others. It is, indeed, sheer… so I used 4 thin coats to make it opaque. 



Stunning right?! My accent nail is KBShimmer Daisy About You. This was actually my first KBShimmer polish, and I’m in love! Great formula, opaque in 2 coats, and full of gorgeous multi-sized glitter. It’s a pale minty green crelly with greyish lavender and neon green hexes, lavender daisies, and lavender microglitter. So pretty! The bigger pieces of glitter sit well on the nail and come out easily without fishing.

I bought a few more KBShimmer in this mini-haul, and I can’t wait to wear the rest! 🙂

A few more pics of these stunning polishes that I found so happy and colorful for spring:



And as a side note, I’ve officially been sucked into Doctor Who. I have been binge-watching it recently on Netflix and I now have a mild (ok, major) obsession! I’m now on Season 5 of the newer installment and was wondering about how to watch the older episodes from the 60s-80s. Apparently Netflix has those too! I was so sad to almost be done with the available episodes, and now I think I have enough Doctor Who to last me a loooong time! Yay! So I’m not sure if I’m really a Whovian yet, but I cried like a baby at the end of the 10th Doctor and I’m now terrified of statues. Does that make me a Junior Whovian or something? 🙂

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