I Gave Paul McCartney Elephantitis: Last April NCC

I would like to give a formal apology to The Beatles. I truly am a big fan, and I know this manicure probably makes you think the opposite. But despite how this trainwreck looks, The Beatles are really my favorite boy band (and the original boy band) of all time.

In a massive purchase from MoYou London, I got one of their Time Traveler image plates that had 2 beautiful images from The Beatles’ famous Abbey Road shot. When the Nail Challenge Collaborative included Music as a part of the April challenge, I knew I had to use it! So I decided to try (operative word being “try”) to recreate the Abbey Road image.


… And now you understand the title of this post. Look at that stupid thick leg on Paul McCartney (aka one of the stick figures on my middle finger). I swear, I used my MoYou London Time Traveler plate (the I Love the 70s plate). I tried stamping using both black and white, but I had to paint in the legs freehand and that’s where this poor excuse for a manicure went astray.

Overall, I wanted the feel of the road and then trees on my pinky and index finger. I sponged on green polish for the trees and then sponged on some white polish for some clouds.

OK I’m just sick of even talking about this crappy manicure. I apologize again to my Beatles. I promise I’ll be back soon – I actually have a few manicures coming up and I’m super proud of how they look!

Here are some manicures that are a kajillion times better than this one:


4 thoughts on “I Gave Paul McCartney Elephantitis: Last April NCC

  1. Sandra Lewrey

    That is an AWESOME title for a blog post. Okay, so he’s a little lumpy – you see the size of the canvases we’re working on here? Sometimes these things get away from us (although I think he looks just fine with Olympic sprinter thighs!)


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