Blue & Orange Dotticure

I was super indecisive about this next mani. I had about 20 different ideas, and in the end after hemming and hawing for a few hours I went with this simple dotticure. I used 2 colors that I really like but haven’t used yet.

blue orange dotticure essie julep bikini so teeny kirti


I have to say, that persimmon orange polish is crazy beautiful. Out of all the Juleps I’ve received in the past few months, I was most excited about that one. Unfortunately, my box arrived much later than usual and my bottle wasn’t filled to the top. Julep did issue an apology recently about their recent shipping/ order issues and sent out some free points toward polishes/ subscription boxes, so that’s good. But I really haven’t been excited about Julep recently. So I am probably going to cancel it soon (I do have 2 free boxes coming to me, so after that!). I’m thinking about getting a new polish subscription box and haven’t decided between Square Hue, Luxe Lacquer, Rainbow Honey, and Pretty & Polished.

Anyways, enough of that! Back to my mani:

blue orange dotticure essie julep bikini so teeny kirti

And a close-up of my dotted nail:

blue orange dotticure essie julep bikini so teeny kirti

Colors used:

  • Base color/ Index finger: Essie Bikini So Teeny
  • Dots/ Pinky: Julep Kirti

I really think my dotting abilities have improved a ton!

What do you think? Are you pro- or anti-Julep? Do you have another polish subscription box of similar pricing to recommend to me? Sound off below!

9 thoughts on “Blue & Orange Dotticure

  1. Marisa

    These nails are so cute! I love the color combo! I’ve tried out the last two Luxe Lacquer’s boxes and the polishes have all been great to work with!

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Thanks so much!! I was iffy about the color combo at first too, but they ended up looking nice together. I’ve been a-practicing those dots, and this mani is probably my first success with them!


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