My first Waterfall Mani: October’s NCC #2

My inspiration for this month’s Nail Challenge Collaborative theme of stripes is sorely lacking. I really wanted to get creative, but I’m finding it difficult! For my second look, I decided to venture into a design I haven’t done before – a waterfall manicure.

I saw the waterfall mani way back when on The Nailasaurus’ site, and I’ve always liked it but never tried. I gotta say – it’s a lot harder than it looks! Picking all the colors that are different enough yet still complementary, then making those perfect stripes that taper at the end… it’s definitely a challenge!

My attempt at the Waterfall Manicure

My attempt at the Waterfall Manicure

I’m not 100% thrilled with how it turned out. I trimmed my striping brush, but I think the stripes are still a bit wider than I’d like. But I personally like the colors I chose. I love a goodΒ peach-purple combo.

My less-than-perfect waterfall

My less-than-perfect waterfall

I think that if I were to redo this, I’d probably do another shade of purple instead of the red-orange color. Of course that’s in addition to drawing the stripes thinner and neater! But this is a first attempt, so I’m not going to beat myself up too much!

Colors used:

  • Base color: Barry M Papaya… this totally freaked my camera out! It’s a really pretty bright peach and is very similar to Essie’s Tart Deco
  • Stripes:
    • OPI Black Cherry Chutney… a goooorgeous deep eggplant purple/ almost black shimmer
    • Orly Cotton Candy… a beautiful light pink-purple
    • OPI Cajun Shrimp… a bright vivid red-orange creme
    • Colors by Llarowe Nice Melons… a coral peach holo

Have you done a waterfall manicure before? Any tips for this newbie?

Check out the other striped manicures from my NCC ladies:

24 thoughts on “My first Waterfall Mani: October’s NCC #2

  1. Dani FromPolishwithLove

    I love this!! Waterfall manis fall under the category of “I love this look but wish I could do them better” Haha!!! I have yet to get the hang of it and to have mine look just like Sammy’s!! Oh and you’ve totally convinced me I need Papaya!!

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      I definitely wish I could do this better! Sammy is so talented with her striping brush, and I definitely need some work!
      YES – buy Papaya! It’s so pretty!

  2. Jenna

    What an awesome job! I see this type of mani a lot and each time it’s so fun to see what colors people choose and their final outcome! I think this turned out really fun! Great job!

  3. Shelby Lou Nails

    No, don’t beat yourself up! I haven’t even tried one of these yet haha. When I’m trying new stuff I like to mess around on a nail wheel, then an accent nail, and then do a full mani. It makes it feel less daunting. I think it’s a great first attempt!


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