Dry marble swirl manicure

I saw a post on Instagram recently that featured this amazing dry marble manicure by Sveta Sanders. I had seen quite a few dry marbled manis before, but I really loved her use of 3 different colors. So I decided I wanted to try it out!

My dry marble manicure

My dry marble manicure

I think mine came out alright – definitely not the same as my inspiration, but still pretty cool! My index finger is a bit messy because I slopped on too much white polish, but I really like how my middle finger turned out. I think with more practice, this could be a go-to technique! It was quick and easy, and I really liked the outcome.

Now the colors I chose ended up a bit Christmassy, but I didn’t intend that. I wanted to use another of my Ellagee glitters from the Villianous Holo-ween collection (see Poor Unfortunate Souls here), and I took my color scheme inspiration from the glitter.

Playing around with new hand positions - look at that glitter!!

Playing around with new hand positions – look at that glitter!!

Colors used:

  • Base color: Polish My Life Greenwich Street… this is an interesting green. It’s one of those ugly pretty colors, kind of like a slightly pastel pistachio green. It reminds me of OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape, but this is a bit more kelly green whereas GGG leans a bit mint. The formula is amaaazing, which is what I’ve found with all Polish My Life cremes!
  • Swirl: Zoya Purity (white) and China Glaze Rose Among Thorns… RAT is such a pretty bright pinkish fuchsia.
  • Glitter: Ellagee Friends on the Other Side… a goooorgeous glitter topper that has fuchsia hexes and green hexes and microglitter. I just need one coat for great glitter payoff – it’s PACKED!

Anyways, what do you think of this manicure? Have you tried dry marbling? If so, do you swirl or do a different technique? Also, what do you think of the hand position for my second pic? I’ve been playing around with different positions (HAND positions you dirty-minded people!).

39 thoughts on “Dry marble swirl manicure

  1. Craftynail

    oh.my.god. i am literally sitting here thinking about my upcoming dry marble post. and ‘typing’ it all up in my head. and i get this email entitled ‘dry marble swirl’ and I’m like whaaat? i got confused for a second there! lol

  2. Kairi

    I’ve done it a few times. My first ever was a mess and I was a total newbie in nail art. It was just some back and forth dragging. Second one was random and third one was swirls with three colours. I did love it, I just have to keep in mind to use similar finish polishes, so it would be easier 😛

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      I can totally see how these can turn out as big ol’ messes. But yeah – with similar finish polishes and not too much of one vs the others, it can be super pretty!!

  3. Dani

    I love how this turned out! I’ve been wanting to try a dry water marble myself and you just gave me the inspiration to do so! I agree with the majority, totally makes me think of peppermint candies and I love that glitter accent! The HAND position is great! 😛


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