Holo Humpday: ILNP Black Orchid

I have a really really beautiful holo for you today! Y’all are probably sick of hearing me say how much I love I Love Nail Polish… but I do, I LOVE that brand! It was my first indie polish, and Barbra continues to put out such gorgeous products with each of her subsequent collections. Today’s holo, Black Orchid, is from the Fall 2014 collection.

ILNP Black Orchid

ILNP Black Orchid

Phew! It’s one of those polishes that makes you groan/ gasp/ moan/ make other inappropriate sounds the second you start polishing your nails (or is it just me whoΒ does that?). It is just plain STUNNING! Black Orchid is this beautiful mix of eggplant purple/ cranberry/ black with a very strong linear holo. With each movement, it shows off another aspect of the beauty!

In slightly different lighting

In slightly different lighting

It kind of reminds me of a more complex, lighter Black Cherry Chutney from OPI. But it’s even more beautiful! I love this polish SO much! And it’s completely in line with my love of vampy colors on my little nubbins.

What do you think? Have I convinced you how amazing ILNP is yet?

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