Jack Skellington Manicure: October’s NCC #4

Happy Halloween week! Today, just for you, I have my first Halloween-themed nail art manicure! I have seen a TON of Jack Skellington manis and I just adore The Nightmare Before Christmas, so I wanted to recreate that look. I think I first saw it somewhere on Pinterest, but I honestly don’t remember the original source. Β But I loved the mani from the first time I saw it, aaaand it fits in perfectly with October’s NCC theme of stripes!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

I just realized that I forgot to paint in Jack’s little skeleton nose! Oops! But I think it still looks like him, don’t you? Even if it doesn’t 100% look like him, it still looks like a skeleton face.

I also realized while I was cropping these pics, my cuticles and fingers are RAGGED. Gross! I’m sorry for subjecting you to that! I went to my college homecoming weekend (my 9 year reunion and my husband’s 10th!), and we had a few bonfires and other shenanigans that weren’t terribly kind on my fingers. Plus I forgot all my nourishing cuticle/ hand products! So anyways, forgive me! I’m going to put my hands in beauty boot camp and they’ll be pretty again soon.

Jack Skellington manicure

Jack Skellington manicure. PS – doesn’t my watermark fit in well with a Halloween theme?!

For this mani, I used my amazing Rica Blackout & Whiteout with some nail vinyls and nail art brushes. I know I say it all the time, but I love love love Rica’s Whiteout & Blackout!! They are the best quality white and black polishes I’ve found – super duper opaque and creamy and perfect for stamping.

So what do you think? What’s your mani plan for Halloween? I have a few more looks this week for your Halloween-loving eyes!

Check out the other striped manis from my NCC ladies:

27 thoughts on “Jack Skellington Manicure: October’s NCC #4

  1. Dani FromPolishwithLove

    SHUT. UP!!! I love this!!! Nightmare Before Christmas always will be one of my favorites ( next to James and the Giant Peach ) and sans nose it still looks great!!! I’ve heard great things about WhiteOut and BlackOut and now I think I just might buy them!!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend, psssshhhh I didn’t even notice your cuticles! Mine need to go on a bootcamp too!

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Haha I’m glad you like!! I looove Nightmare Before Christmas too – that and Hocus Pocus are my Halloween faves. Ooh James and the Giant Peach is a great movie! YES you need WhiteOut and BlackOut – they’re the absolute best white & black polishes I’ve found!

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Haha, I’m such a wimp when it comes to scary movies too. I can handle Nightmare Before Christmas, but that’s the scariest I’ll go – Hocus Pocus is more my speed πŸ˜‰

  2. Novi

    This is the one halloween themed that I’ve been wanting to do! Your Jack is still recognizable even without his nose πŸ˜‰


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