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Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer’s It Got Away From Me, Yeah… Collection: The Doctors

Phew, that was one wordy title ^ there! But what can I say, it got away from me ūüėČ I am SO very excited to share with you 2 polishes from the new (and final) installation of the It Got Away From Me, Yeah… Collection. Julie of Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer contacted me to help review this collection, and I promptly peed myself with joy! Reason one – I adore BEGL polishes and own almost all of the other Doctor Who-themed polishes she has made. Reason two (I’m sure you can guess this one) – I am a huge Whovian nerd, and anything to do with that show makes my heart(s) beat faster. So combining those two = pure puppy kisses and baby laughter! Plus, Julie is so great so how could I not be excited?! *These polishes as mentioned were provided for review*

The Doctors portion of the It Got Away From Me, Yeah… collection is set to release on November 30, 2014 at 3:30pm EST. Details are at the end of this post including all applicable links.

Anyways, let’s get to it! The final part of this collection is based on the Doctors. First up, I have Grandpa. This polish is based on the War Doctor – the incarnation of the 8th Doctor who fought in the Time War. He’s only featured in the Day of the Doctor and the Name of the Doctor feature episodes, and he’s the warrior of the bunch. He meets Doctors 10 & 11, and they’re tongue-in-cheek known as Chinny (11), Sandshoes (10), and Grandpa (War Doctor). The polish based on the War Doctor is a stunner!¬†It’s an slightly off-white creme with extremely subtle gold and rose¬†microflakies.

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Grandpa

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Grandpa

The pics don’t even do this polish justice. I think this looks milky white (does that make anyone else think of A League Of Their Own where Madonna is teaching a teammate how to read via a romance novel – “milky white breasts?” Just me? Alright then…). My camera really didn’t want to capture the itty bitty flakies, but I swear they’re there and they’re so pretty! I did three coats for these swatches (the first was a tad streaky as it happens with white polishes, but the 2nd and 3rd evened it out perfectly), and the formula was super easy to work with. I think this could be perfect for work, a wedding, even the beach – it’s really versatile!

Another pic of BEGL Grandpa

Another pic of BEGL Grandpa

And the second polish I have for you is Zero Balance Dwarf Star Alloy. This one is based on the Eleventh Doctor, and it references the type of material that makes up a “perfect cell” to house/ imprison¬†the Doctor. This polish is a gooooorgeous black linear holo – definitely my new favorite black holo! The holo is super strong, and the formula is perfect.

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Zero Balance Dwarf Star Alloy

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Zero Balance Dwarf Star Alloy

And a closeup of Zero Balance Dward Star Alloy:

BEGL Zero Balance Dwarf Star Alloy

BEGL Zero Balance Dwarf Star Alloy

FYI – both polishes are shown with the Digital Nails top coat, Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That! As you can see, it didn’t dull the holo one bit!

Overall, I’m super impressed with these polishes! I think out of these two, Zero Balance Dwarf Star Alloy is the winner for me. Mainly because I’m a holo ho. But they are both gorgeous, and ¬†you couldn’t go wrong with either!

The rest of the collection is a collaboration with Monster Polish and has 3 more gorgeous polishes (one more BEGL and 2 from Monster Polish) and some Doctor Who nail vinyls by Monster Polish. Oh, and Julie is also releasing another Siren polish (I’ve seen some swatches, and it looks amazing too!)!

The other It Got Away From Me, Yeah… polishes:

  • Monster Polish What’s Wrong With This Jumper? (Ninth Doctor): black holographic with purple shimmer and a satin finish
  • BEGL Void Stuff (Tenth Doctor): a deep teal/ green linear holographic with blue to red shifting glass flecks
  • Monster Polish I Was Hoping For Minimalism, But I Think I Came Out With Magician (Twelfth Doctor): deep navy blue jelly with red shimmer

Both Monster Polish and BEGL will be selling the full set, which will cost $50 and include all five bottles of polish as well as a sample set of Doctor Who vinyl decals. Each shop will have their individual bottles of their polishes listed, as well as additional vinyl decals that can be purchased¬†at $1 for a set of 10 decals. The BEGL linear holographics and shifters will be $12, the flakies will be $10, and the cremes, shimmers, glitters, and microglitters will be $8.50. The Monster Polish glitter will be $8 and the holographic will be $9. This will be the final time that the Doctor Who polishes will be restocked, so get them while they’re still available!!

I know I plan on picking up a few more! I’ll probably get Void Stuff (because I heart Ten, and anything teal and holo should be mine), the decals, and the Monster Polish based on Twelve. Let’s be honest, I’ll probably just purchase the rest of the collection! ūüôā What do you think? Will you pick up either of these or the others from this collection? Do you have any of the other BEGL Doctor Who polishes?

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer

Monster Polish

Holo Humpday: Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed

Happy day before Thanksgiving (to my US lovelies or anyone who just loves turkey!)! I have a quick post for you today with a gorgeous metallic holo. Different Dimension recently put out the Heavy Metals collection with 6 different metallic holos and 2 glitter toppers. I picked up two of the holos because HOLO ALL THE THINGS! I got Copper-Bottomed and Bold As Brass, which actually look very similar. But if you look more closely, Bold as Brass is a bit more brown and Copper-Bottomed is more orangey/ penny-colored.

Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed

Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed

Isn’t Copper-Bottomed so pretty?! It looks like a brand new penny covered in holo goodness. And even though it leans a bit metallic, there’s no noticable brushstrokes.

Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed

Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed showing off the holo

And the linear holo is real strong too! I was happily surprised that this color worked nicely with my skintone. This type of coppery color could really be hit or miss for me, but I really love it!

And here’s a closeup:

Closeup of Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed

Closeup of Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed

Well I love it! What do you think? Did you get any of the Heavy Metals collection? Which is your favorite? I’m regretting not getting Heart of Rose Gold, but there are always holiday and birthday presents right?

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! Hope you have a lovely day filled with yummy food and good company!

Gone Girl Manicure: November’s NCC #4

Gone Girl: one of the most f***ed up books I’ve read in a loooong time. And it was recently made into a movie that I (finally!) saw yesterday, so of course my last NCC book-themed manicure had to be inspired by it.

Have you read Gone Girl yet? It’s this crazy story of two screwed up people who are married to one another and spend a lot of time screwing one another over. It’s reaaaalllly good! And I was pretty impressed with how the movie turned out too. I definitely recommend it!

Book Cover

Book Cover

And here’s my mani:

Gone Girl Manicure

Gone Girl Manicure

My index and middle finger were supposed to be the wisps of blonde hair that are on the book cover. They ended up looking more like light tree branches. I think I probably should have used a much thinner nail art brush, but hindsight is 20/20 right? My ring finger and pinky are much more successfully obvious Рthey are blood splatter! This is inspired by, well, blood. In the beginning of the book, Amy (the wife) is missing and there is blood splatter in their kitchen.

Colors used:

  • Index and Middle Finger
    • Base color: Julep Cleopatra… a satin-finish black that does show a little streakiness but is otherwise a nice polish
    • Hair/ tree branches: Julep Alexandra… an ugly eggshell cream neutral polish that looks awful with my skintone, but is great for nail art
  • Ring Finger and Pinky
    • Base color: Polish My Life Stripped… as I’ve mentioned before, a great 2 coat white
    • Blood: Sephora Formula X Pyrotechnic… an amazing red creme

So yeah, I’m not thrilled with this mani but it’s alright. The book and movie are much better than ¬†my nails show! What do you think? Would you like tree branches for hair? Do you desire those *extremely* thick tresses? And have you seen/ read Gone Girl? Did you like the story as much as I did?

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Simple Grey and Gold Manicure

I was in the mood for a simple mani, so I grabbed a pretty untried polish from Zoya’s Ignite collection. I was going to just do all my nails with Yuna, but I noticed the gorgeous golden shimmer and thought a gold accent would really complement it well!

Zoya Yuna and KBShimmer Dressed to Gild

Zoya Yuna and KBShimmer Dressed to Gild

Wasn’t I right? Yuna is a gorgeous deep grey with¬†a beautiful gold shimmer that almost makes the polish look green in certain lighting. And I used KBShimmer’s Dressed to Gild (from the new Winter collection) as an accent on my ring finger and thumb. That gold polish is so much prettier than I imagined! It’s textured and has multisized hexes of gold holographic glitter with some subtle green and purple.

Look at that bottle shot of Dressed to Gild!

Look at that bottle shot of Dressed to Gild!

And here’s a closeup of Dressed to Gild:

KBShimmer Dressed to Gild

KBShimmer Dressed to Gild

Dressed to Gild is opaque in two coats!¬†TWO COATS!¬†That’s just craziness! It’s the gold cousin to Hexy Bikini (the silver version), and now I own both. I’ve definitely enjoyed textured polishes more recently.

What do you think? Do you have either of these polishes? What’s your favorite way to snazz up a simple mani?

Holo Humpday: Darling Diva The Alchemist

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect primary cherry red holo. I’ve searched and came up with some gorgeous polishes, but none fit exactly what I was looking for. Loaded Lacquer‘s Double Shot of Sriracha leaned too orange, and Chaos & Crocodiles Security Breach and Colors by Llarowe Little Red Corvette leaned too pink/ purple. So my quest had yet to be fulfilled… until now! I do believe I’ve found the holy grail primary red holo – Darling Diva’s The Alchemist!


Darling Diva The Alchemist

Darling Diva The Alchemist

I mean, this is just perfect! The Alchemist is part of Darling Diva’s WitchEE collection, and I love it dearly! Perfect formula, gorgeous color, and a holo that just glows. There’s a bit of a blue shimmer to the polish in certain lighting, but it doesn’t detract from the beautiful pure red!

And take a look at a closeup:

A gorgeous closeup shot of The Alchemist

A gorgeous closeup shot of The Alchemist

I mean – wow, right?! I am in luuuurve! When I put this baby on, it was like the skies opened up and an angel kissed my nails. Thank you Darling Diva! My quest has ended in victory! I obviously cannot recommend this polish enough – if you like red holos, this one is a huge winner.

What do you think? Should I start another quest? If so, I’m open to recommendations on what type of quest to embark on! Are you on any polish quests?

Doctor Who Manicure: November NCC #3

So technically this manicure for November’s NCC (inspired by a book) is a bit of a cheat. Doctor Who is a television show, not a book. I do, however, have a book on Doctor Who (Essential Guide to 50 Years of Doctor Who)! So I’m calling it a draw. ūüôā

I’ve been meaning to do a Doctor Who themed manicure for awhile now, and I’m so happy I finally did! I’ve become a bit obsessed with the show – if you’ve seen it, you understand. I was introduced to this amazing show just about a year and a half ago, and I adore it! It’s nerdy, hilarious, and loaded with so many feels. In one episode, you can go from giggling to terrified to sobbing in the corner in the fetal position. I’ve only seen “New Who,” aka the seasons from 2005 to present and Netflix only has sporadic pieces of Original Who, so when I saw this book guide to the 50 years of the show I had to have it!

The Essential Guide to 50 Years of Doctor Who

The book does exist! The Essential Guide to 50 Years of Doctor Who – Just look at all those villains!

And here is my Doctor Who manicure:

Doctor Who Manicure

Doctor Who Manicure

I love this mani so much! From the Tardis decal to the Dalek to that gorgeous blue polish… it all just makes me happy! If you’re not familiar with the show, let me briefly explain what each finger means.

  • My index finger has a Tardis decal – the Tardis is the spaceship that can transport the Doctor and his companion(s) through space and time (it stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space).
  • My middle finger is the color of the Tardis and the polish is named after one of the Doctor’s companions, Amy Pond (one of my top 3 favorites).
  • My ring finger is a Dalek (an enemy of the Doctor’s).
  • And my pinky is based on another villain from the show, The Silence.
  • Oh! And the grey base polish is named after another villain, the Vashta Nerada.

What I used:

  • Index: Grey base = Digital Nails Count Your Shadows… These pics don’t do the polish justice. There’s a slight pink/ purple shimmer that isn’t showing up well. You can kind of see it on my pinky. Digital Nails has an amazing variety of Doctor Who-themed polishes. That makes me so happy – I need so many of them!!
  • Index: Decal is from YouPolish – the sheet also has Daleks, three different Doctors’ faces (9, 10, and 11), and DW
  • Middle finger: Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer A Long Time Ago Tomorrow… this is an amazingly beautiful shimmery Tardis-blue from the Women¬†of Doctor Who collection. It dries a bit satin, but a top coat makes it soooo pretty! Love love love!!
  • Ring finger: Base color Sally Hansen Black Platinum… a semi-sheer black with a tinge of silver shimmer. Stripes are Revlon’s Sequin, a silver chrome. Nail studs were a gift off Amazon, I believe.
  • Pinky: Base is Digital Nails Count Your Shadows with Zoya Raven details.

So what do you think? Does this sort of count as a book-themed mani? Are you a fellow Whovian? If so, who’s your favorite companion and favorite Doctor?

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My Top Hand/ Nail Care Products, Plus Beauty Bootcamp!

I don’t know about you, but I am SO happy it’s Friday! This has felt like a really long week, and I am so looking forward to a few days off. I don’t have any specific plans, but I may have some friends over for wine, gossiping, and nail polishing! That’s always exciting. But anyways, I have what I think is an exciting post for you today – my hand/ nail care routine! Last week, I had mentioned that I put my hands and nails in beauty bootcamp¬†after a long weekend of bonfires and no moisturizing products. So I wanted to share both my regular routine and my beauty bootcamp! Warning – this is going to be a long post, but I swear your hands and nails will thank you, so stick with me!



  • One of the most important pieces of a good hand/ nail care routine is moisturizing! In my job I’m always washing my hands and using hand sanitizer, so my hands are chronically dry. I also have sensitive skin and eczema, so there are a few things I always look for in a good moisturizer:
    • Fragrance-free… many¬†products with fragrance will irritate sensitive skin. I only have one scented moisturizer that doesn’t break my skin out!
    • Fast-absorbing… this is because I hate walking around during the day with greasy or wet hands. Also, putting freshly moisturized hands in gloves is not pleasant if the moisturizer hasn’t absorbed yet.
    • Urea/ Ceramides/ Alpha hydroxy/ Shea butter… these are all really great ingredients that both moisturize your skin and even repair defective portions of the skin barrier (great for those of us with eczema!).
  • Here are my favorite daytime moisturizers:
  • My Favorite Daytime Hand Moisturizers

    My Favorite Daytime Hand Moisturizers

  • The Eucerin & First Aid Beauty moisturizers hit all the above requirements for an ideal product. They are equally fantastic! The FAB moisturizer does absorb faster¬†than the Eucerin one, but otherwise the quality is comparable. Eucerin is just over $5 and FAB is $12, so if price is more of a concern – go with the Eucerin!
  • The J.R. Watkins moisturizer is scented – a delicious lemon cream scent. I was so surprised that this fragrant one didn’t break me out! It’s very moisturizing and smells amazing. It can be a bit greasy, so I don’t use it as frequently as the other two above but it’s definitely still a favorite. It used to be available at Target, but I haven’t found it there for months. You can, however, find it on Amazon!
  • Sidenote – I know everyone raves about OPI Avoplex, but I personally dislike it. It absorbs faster¬†than any of my lotions, but I don’t find it that moisturizing. If you don’t need much to keep your hands soft, then this will be ok for you. But if you like something more moisturizing, I’d go with my above options any day!

Oiling Those Cuticles:

  • During the daytime, you still need to keep your cuticles oiled! Basically, I put oil on my cuticles anytime I think of it which probably adds up to 2-5 times a day.
  • Oil vs balm: I tend to go for oil since balms tend to be more lastingly greasy. I use a handmade oil concoction made by yours truly. I was inspired by Cat of Cat’s Claws, and loosely based my oil on her formula (see her guest blog post on her DIY oil here¬†– it’s fun and science-y too ūüôā¬†). Here’s how I make mine:
      • 1 tbsp Jojoba oil
      • 1 tsp Avocado oil
      • A few drops of Vitamin E oil, usually about 5-6 but you probably only need 2-3
      • Essential oil blend – my favorites are a lemon vanilla mix and a peppermint vanilla mix. One of my friends loves a Jasmine/ lemon/ vanilla blend I made for her. I researched how to mix essential oils here.
      • A rollerball container. I bought mine on an Etsy shop (I was going to link it, but it’s no longer around. There are other sellers providing rollerball bottles though!). I like rollerballs because I feel like you can control the application of the oil better than a brush.
      • My Homemade Cuticle Oil

        My Homemade Cuticle Oil

Phew! Well that’s my day-to-day routine!

BEAUTY BOOTCAMP ADD-ONS (these are things I add to my above daily routine if my hands/ nails are especially dry or ragged):

Remove Pesky Cuticle Excess:

  • To kickstart Beauty Bootcamp, I reach for a good cuticle remover. Recently I’ve been using a Julep cuticle remover from a Maven box, which works really well. But I also love my Blue Cross Cuticle Remover from Sally’s too!
  • Julep's Cuticle Remover

    Julep’s Cuticle Remover

Cuticle Care While Swatching:

  • I recently added this step now that I’m swatching polishes more frequently. I never liked to oil my cuticles up between swatches because I dislike the look of wet fingers in pics. But I received a¬†mini cuticle balm as a surprise extra when I placed an order with Reverie Nail Polish. I just adore this! I just use a small brush, rub it on the balm, then apply around my cuticles. It moisturizes the areas that are dry from¬†acetone clean-up without making my nails look oily and wet! And this particular balm smells so nice! I know there are like a million balms out there, but I’m really loving this one. I do want to try more in the future though.
  • Reverie Cranberry Cuticle Balm

    Reverie Cranberry Cuticle Balm

Hand Scrub:

  • A good nourishing hand scrub is a great way to buff that dry exterior and let the moisturizers and oils really work their magic! I do this a few times a week when my skin is really thirsty (that sounds pretty creepy!). Otherwise, I’ll do this maybe once a week.
  • I’ve been using a hand scrub I got in a Julep Maven box, but I really like using¬†a homemade scrub too! You just mix sugar and slightly heated olive oil and rub it all over your hands – super easy!
  • Julep's Hand Scrub

    Julep’s Hand Scrub

Crazy Nighttime Moisturizing and Cuticle Care:

  • This is the kicker¬†to my Beauty Bootcamp! Deep moisturizing of the hands, nails, and cuticles is key.
  • I use a ridiculously thick moisturizer after the hand scrub and right before bed. My favorite is Eucerin’s Original Healing Soothing Repair Creme. It’s so rich, like a creamy vaseline. I slather a really thick layer over my hands and voila – happy hands!
  • My Favorite Intense Nighttime Moisturizer

    My Favorite Intense Nighttime Moisturizer

  • After making my hands happy with that great moisturizer, the cuticles need even more love too! My favorite is Lush Lemony Flutter, which is a great cuticle butter. It’s rich and moisturizing, and I love the smell! Not everyone likes the lemon scent, but I definitely do! The other nighttime cuticle butter I use¬†is Nail Butter. It works just as good as Lemony Flutter, but I’m not as big a fan of this scent so I don’t use it as frequently. It’s hard to describe, but it’s almost like a sweet mustard maybe? It’s not off-putting, but it’s not my favorite smell. Anyways, Lemony Flutter is my pick!
  • My Favorite Nighttime Cuticle Product

    My Favorite Nighttime Cuticle Product

Well that’s it! My very detailed hand, nail, and cuticle routine! If you’ve stuck around this long, thank you for reading!

What are your go-to products for your hand/nail care? Do you use any homemade items? Let me know below!!