Holo Humpday: Ellagee Mother Knows Best

Good morning pretty people (or afternoon or night depending on when you read this)! And a happy Holo Humpday to each and every one of you! Today, I have a beauty from Ellagee. I bought Mother Knows Best from the Villainous Holo-Ween collection awhile back, and I can’t believe I haven’t worn it yet!

Ellagee Mother Knows Best

Ellagee Mother Knows Best

If you aren’t familiar with this collection, it’s based on all the villains from Disney movies! What a great idea for a collection right? This polish is based on Gothel, the witchy mom from Tangled. It’s this gorgeous deep maroon wine with a strong scattered holo.

Another pic of this beauty!

Another pic of this beauty!

I love that brands have been putting out these darker holos! I mean, I love me a good neon any day but sometimes you really want something more vampy!

Mother Knows Best isΒ opaque in 2 coats and has a perfect formula! I do adore this one!

Do you have any Ellagee polishes? If not, you need to – I’ve loved every single one I’ve picked up!

24 thoughts on “Holo Humpday: Ellagee Mother Knows Best

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Me too! Bold colored holos are amazing – I love that there are more of them in the Fall & Winter collections! Oh, you definitely should check Ellagee out… there are some amazing glitter toppers and holos!


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