Doctor Who Manicure: November NCC #3

So technically this manicure for November’s NCC (inspired by a book) is a bit of a cheat. Doctor Who is a television show, not a book. I do, however, have a book on Doctor Who (Essential Guide to 50 Years of Doctor Who)! So I’m calling it a draw. πŸ™‚

I’ve been meaning to do a Doctor Who themed manicure for awhile now, and I’m so happy I finally did! I’ve become a bit obsessed with the show – if you’ve seen it, you understand. I was introduced to this amazing show just about a year and a half ago, and I adore it! It’s nerdy, hilarious, and loaded with so many feels. In one episode, you can go from giggling to terrified to sobbing in the corner in the fetal position. I’ve only seen “New Who,” aka the seasons from 2005 to present and Netflix only has sporadic pieces of Original Who, so when I saw this book guide to the 50 years of the show I had to have it!

The Essential Guide to 50 Years of Doctor Who

The book does exist! The Essential Guide to 50 Years of Doctor Who – Just look at all those villains!

And here is my Doctor Who manicure:

Doctor Who Manicure

Doctor Who Manicure

I love this mani so much! From the Tardis decal to the Dalek to that gorgeous blue polish… it all just makes me happy! If you’re not familiar with the show, let me briefly explain what each finger means.

  • My index finger has a Tardis decal – the Tardis is the spaceship that can transport the Doctor and his companion(s) through space and time (it stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space).
  • My middle finger is the color of the Tardis and the polish is named after one of the Doctor’s companions, Amy Pond (one of my top 3 favorites).
  • My ring finger is a Dalek (an enemy of the Doctor’s).
  • And my pinky is based on another villain from the show, The Silence.
  • Oh! And the grey base polish is named after another villain, the Vashta Nerada.

What I used:

  • Index: Grey base = Digital Nails Count Your Shadows… These pics don’t do the polish justice. There’s a slight pink/ purple shimmer that isn’t showing up well. You can kind of see it on my pinky. Digital Nails has an amazing variety of Doctor Who-themed polishes. That makes me so happy – I need so many of them!!
  • Index: Decal is from YouPolish – the sheet also has Daleks, three different Doctors’ faces (9, 10, and 11), and DW
  • Middle finger: Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer A Long Time Ago Tomorrow… this is an amazingly beautiful shimmery Tardis-blue from the WomenΒ of Doctor Who collection. It dries a bit satin, but a top coat makes it soooo pretty! Love love love!!
  • Ring finger: Base color Sally Hansen Black Platinum… a semi-sheer black with a tinge of silver shimmer. Stripes are Revlon’s Sequin, a silver chrome. Nail studs were a gift off Amazon, I believe.
  • Pinky: Base is Digital Nails Count Your Shadows with Zoya Raven details.

So what do you think? Does this sort of count as a book-themed mani? Are you a fellow Whovian? If so, who’s your favorite companion and favorite Doctor?

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53 thoughts on “Doctor Who Manicure: November NCC #3

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Thank you! I actually haven’t seen the current season yet (I don’t have BBC), so I’m hoping Hulu will post it soon. I’m going through withdrawal! I have definitely heard varied reviews on the new Doctor and this season. I did love Peter Capaldi in Torchwood, so I’m hoping I’ll love him here πŸ™‚

  1. Lisa N.

    Looks great! Love the ring nail in particular. I’m so behind on this challenge. My nails are a mess right now so I’m waiting for them to heal up a bit before attempting any more manicures for this theme.

  2. Novi

    I’m not a Doctor Who fan (don’t ban me! :p) but I really like the look on your ring finger! I find it hard to do an ‘inspired by a book’ challenge, now that I barely read anything anymore.

  3. kelliegonzo

    I’ve never seen Dr. Who but I know a little bit about it and this mani is just perfection! Love the Tardis decal πŸ™‚

  4. Catherine Dream

    I’m freaking out over this mani :DDD

    Predictable. Oh the Whovian in me is grinning. πŸ™‚

    LOVE the tally marks nail, the tiny TARDIS, and of course, love Amy, so. πŸ™‚

    All these villains ❀ My fav would probably be the Silence or the Empty Child, you?

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      I’m so glad your inner Whovian loves it πŸ™‚ I almost tagged you in this post to make sure you’d see it lol πŸ˜‰
      So hard to decide on a favorite villain! I think I’d go with the Weeping Angels or the Sontarans (those potato heads kill me!). But your choices are great ones too – Are you my mummy?! = terrifying question.

      1. Catherine Dream

        Haha, oh I saw it although I NEARLY missed it, so tagging would work too ; ) I like how Whovians stick together : )))
        Oh Sontarans? Really? I like them just fine, but I could never see the appeal, to become a super Sontaran fan, so I love that you like them!
        Oh are you my mummy? BRILLIANT AND TERRIFYING ❀
        And the idea behind the quantum lock in the Weeping Angels? I DIG IT. ; )
        Gorgoeus mani, xxx

      2. doctorcrafty Post author

        I think I specifically like Strax, maybe not all the Sontarans lol. His interactions with 11 were some of my favorite πŸ™‚
        Oh and The Master! He’s pretty terrifyingly crazy!
        I really could just go on and on!

      3. Catherine Dream

        The Master is super insane, and not in a good way either. I know what you mean.
        I also liked the creepy dolls from that episode with Amy and 11 and the little boy, I forget the title. : )

      4. Catherine Dream

        Mhm yeah, you’re right, the part that creeped me out the most was the half skin/tissue, half robot, the combo is just, ugh.

        And what about the episode, I never remember titles, Listen? With the red blanket?
        THAT actually gave me goosebumps…

      5. doctorcrafty Post author

        Is the red blanket episode in this most recent season? Because I *gasp* haven’t seen it yet! I don’t have BBC America, so I’m waiting patiently for it to come out on Hulu or Netflix.

      6. Catherine Dream

        Yes it is! I was wondering if you saw it, and avoided spoilers just in case : )

        I haven’t seen the last two either – I have ’em, but I don’t want to watch them. I don’t want the season to end. : ) I’m attached to 12th now.

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