A Post-Christmas Christmas Manicure

I hope everyone who celebrates had a great Christmas yesterday, and I hope your day was filled with happiness and love! I’m still feeling festive, so I decided that I want to show you another Christmassy mani.

Christmas skittlette mani

Christmas skittlette mani

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to end up with when I started this mani, but I’m pretty happy with the results! I picked a bunch of new festive polishes and threw this baby together.

Another pic of my Christmassy mani!

Another pic of my Christmassy mani!

I had seen somewhere on the interwebs that Zoya was discontinuing their PixieDusts, so I picked up a ton of the original formula (those are my favorite!). That was such a surprise to me since Zoya puts out so many Pixies and they’re really popular. Were you/ are you as surprised as me? But anyways, I wanted to utilize one of my new Pixies – I think Tomoko is such a perfect festive polish, so I had to use it for this mani.

Products used:

  • Index and middle fingers:
    • Base color: Zoya Veruschka… my favorite of the Matte Velvets – it’s this beautiful emerald green with subtle silvery gold shimmer
    • Top color: Indigo Bananas Enchanted Lake… this is like the emerald version of Acid Ocean (see my blog post featuring it here), a beautiful dark green jelly with orangey and green flakies. It’s so pretty!
  • Ring finger:
    • Base color: Zoya Veruschka
    • Chevron nail vinyls… I got these particular ones from Nail Vinyls
    • Top color: Zoya Tomoko… a beautiful off-white golden textured polish. This is a gorgeous original PixieDust!
  • Pinky: KBShimmer Whole Lava Lovin’… I got this beauty as a gift, and I love it! It’s such a great pink-leaning red holo. It had been on my wishlist for awhile, and I’m so happy to finally own it! Thanks to Brigitte from Color Me So Crazy for hooking me up with this baby! 🙂

What do you think? Do you wear festive manis after the actual holiday itself? How was your Christmas – what did everyone get?

Happy belated holidays!

16 thoughts on “A Post-Christmas Christmas Manicure

  1. Katherine

    Cuuuute! Veruschka is my fav Zoya polish of all time. I was also really surprised to hear about the PixieDusts, I’m planning to pick some up with my Christmas money! 😦


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