Black and purple sparkly skittlette

Hello my sweeties! Did you stay up late watching the Oscars last night? I definitely did! I always like watching award shows… the husband and I love going to movies, so it’s nice to see what the experts think of our favorites. Also, I thought Neil Patrick Harris was a great host didn’t you? Anyways, onto my manicure of the day!

Black and purple skittles

Black and purple skittles

In the vein of recent award shows, I decided I needed some glitz and glam on my nails. I picked out some older polishes that haven’t gotten love in a real long time and added a PixieDust to offset the shiny sparkle.

Black and purple sparkly skittlette

Black and purple sparkly skittlette

Since the base color for my index & middle fingers is so shimmery, it was difficult to capture the contrast of the purple glitter. I had painted a vertical half moon, and in most lighting it’s very subtle. Here’s a pic at a different angle so you can see it better:

A different angle of this black and purple skittlette

A different angle of this black and purple skittlette

And a closeup of the purple glitter accent:

Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle

Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle

Polishes used:

  • Index & middle fingers:
    • Base color: Sally Hansen Black Diamond… a VERY old polish of mine. This is a black polish with a million silver shimmery particles that gives it an almost charcoal look.
    • Accent: Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle… Pink-purple microglitter in a blackened jelly base. This beauty is full coverage in 2 coats! This is another really old polish of mine – I think I bought it about 4 years ago.
  • Ring finger & thumb: Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle
  • Pinky: Zoya Dahlia… thisΒ blackΒ PixieDust is another that I recently picked up when I heard Zoya was discontinuing the line. I love this one! I love how the silver sparkle pops despite the matte textured finish.

What do you think? Too much sparkle? Or is that even possible? πŸ˜‰ Did you watch the Oscars? If so, did your favorites win?

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