Holo Humpday: KBShimmer Ins And Sprouts

Why hello again my sweeties! It’s time for another Holo Humpday, and I am SO excited to show you this one. I took a chance with this polish from KBShimmer because chartreuse has the potential to look terrible on me. But I don’t own ANYTHING like it, so I had to buy Ins And Sprouts from the recent Spring 2015 collection!

KBShimmer Ins And Sprouts

KBShimmer Ins And Sprouts

I mean, WHOA baby! And this totally deserves a Joey from Blossom “Whoa!” C’mon – you 90s children know what I’m talking about right?

Joey Lawrence Whoa

So yeah, this polish is amazing! Surprisingly enough, I adore the color. I’m usually not a huge chartreuse fan, but this baby called to me when I first saw swatches of the Spring collection. First, Christy was calling this an ultra-holo and how on earth could I deny myself an ultra-holo?! And then the beautiful swatches came – it seemed like it looked perfect on everyone! So I had to try it!

KBShimmer Ins And Sprouts

KBShimmer Ins And Sprouts

YAAAAS! It’s this odd light yellow-green chartreuse, which doesn’t sound beautiful. But dayumn, it really is! It’s like the kind of chartreuse you’d see in the iridescent yellow-green Easter basket grass, but it’s so flattering and unique on the nail.

KBShimmer Ins And Sprouts

KBShimmer Ins And Sprouts

And that holo! I think this totally qualifies as an ultra-holo. The linear flame is crazy intense – I mean I had no sun to work with, so all these pics are indoors and the holo is still amazing!

Check out the closeup too:

Closeup of KBShimmer Ins And Sprouts

Closeup of KBShimmer Ins And Sprouts

Love. Just plain love this! Plus the formula is perfect – it’s opaque in 1-2 coats depending on the thickness. The 2nd coat intensifies the color and holo effect.

What do you think? Did you pick up any of the KBShimmer ultra-holos or any of the other Spring polishes?

Ok off-topic now… my husband just stole my computer when I left the room and added some lovely notes lol. I debated deleting it, but I wanted to show you how adorably silly my man is. In case you’re just here for the polish, feel free to stop reading and just appreciate the pretty pictures! I’ll leave you with the daily David Tennant, and then Mr. Doctor Crafty’s note will be below ๐Ÿ™‚

I'll take that job!

I’ll take that job!


Evil-Joyful Laugh! Hello, Everyone! Your friend is in the other room doing other-things. I wanted to say two thoughts about my special lady friend:

1. Dr C hardly ever lets me touch her laptop. This is more laptop touches than I’ve had all month! This is the truth-speaking.

2. I wanted to say thank youย for all the love you show Dr C. WHY? ??

When she started getting into nail art, well, at first I was skeptical. I thought it was, hmmm? “Why is this love person making very tiny paintings? Why does she not make me ham sammich?”

I have come to see nail art something akin to Tibetan mandalas, impermanent meditations that live in the moment. The designs can beย beautiful, but fleeting.

I have come to see nail art as “real” art, highly creative and skillful. There are so many techniques, textures, tools, and techniques to consider. Within what I thought was a small niche, there is a world of possibilities.

I have come to see nail art as social – and this is where you come in. Dr C loves seeing what you have come up with, and sharing what she does.


Now that I haveย nail art, she even paints my toes!

Surprise Hooray!

So yeah, I married that man. Silly sweet man ๐Ÿ™‚

30 thoughts on “Holo Humpday: KBShimmer Ins And Sprouts

  1. Sandra Lewrey

    Oh, Joey! KB’s holos are universally lovely – I’ve yet to be disappointed by even those colours I wasn’t too jazzed about (a rusty one has turned out to be one of my favourite polishes.)

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Thank you – I was so happy how it ended up on me! YES ruffling Tennant’s hair is totally something that I could die happy after doing! But I’ll totally keep the hubs (and he has a ham sammy coming up!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Dani From Polish, with Love

    Ins & Sprouts is so perfect on you!!!! I need to wear it again because when I photographed it on my nails, it turned my skin beet red!!! Oh boy, how I would LOVE to ruffle Mr. Tennant’s hair *swoon*
    You’re hubby is hysterical!! I’m so happy he appreciates what you do and your nail art!! Mine likes me to give him manis and pedis but always says “Don’t put that clear stuff on my nails because it flakes off and makes me look like I have a disease” that’s a man for ya! HAHAHA!!

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Thank you! I adore this polish!
      Yeah, ruffling Tennant’s hair would be a total life-changing moment!!
      I totally picked a good hubby – he keeps life interesting and silly! And yours lets you do his nails too?! Amazing men right?


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