Aqua flakie skittlette

Hello sweeties and happy Friday! If you have read my blog pretty much at all, I’m sure you know I luuuurrve I Love Nail Polish. It was my first indie brand, and I am a loyal fan of pretty much everything Barbra puts out! When the multichrome flakies were released, I went all grabby hands and got pretty much every single one (I won 6 in an instagram giveaway, aaaand then I bought 6 more lol). I haven’t featured them on my blog a lot because I have such difficulty photographing them! They’re like little shifty ninja polishes!

Like these ninjas:

Get it? hehe

Get it? hehe

Yeah, the multichrome flakies want to show up about as well as the ninjas at their parade!

Anyways, I wanted to use one of the flakies for this manicure and decided to pair it with more springy colors. And then I freehanded some odd spiky flowers on top!

Aqua flakie floral manicure

Aqua flakie floral manicure

I kind of just started doodling with those flowers – they weren’t supposed to look like anything in particular. I do like how the middle finger came out!

Another pic of this mani

Another pic of this mani

I tried and tried to get a good picture of how great I Love Nail Polish Supernova looks on the nail, but it was just so shy and didn’t want to play. It was totally gorgeous in real life though!

Closeup of ILNP Supernova over KBShimmer Shore Thing

Closeup of ILNP Supernova over KBShimmer Shore Thing

Supernova was even shy for her closeup too! These pics don’t do it justice at all. So here’s a bottle shot:

ILNP Supernova bottle shot

ILNP Supernova bottle shot

I mean right?! Look at all that shiftiness! It totally looked like that on the nail in real life, and I really loved it over that KBShimmer aqua. In the past I’ve paired the ILNP flakies over darker colors, but I really like it over this bright pastel aqua!

Polishes used:

  • Index & middle fingers:
    • Base color: KBShimmer Eyes White Open… I still totally want to call this Eggs White Open – no idea why! And this time I’m not hungry haha! The more I use this, the more I love it! It’s such a great white creme.
    • I then freehanded those odd spiky flower things with KBShimmer Shore Thing… this is a gorgeous bright aqua that I got as a gift. And I love it! Spring is such a great time for these beautiful teal/ aqua/ mint polishes, and I’m so happy to see this color back on everyone’s nails! It’s my favorite!
  • Ring finger:
    • Base color: KBShimmer Shore Thing
    • Topper: ILNP Supernova… as you can see from the bottle shot, it’s chockfull of multichrome flakies that shift from teal to emerald, kelly green, blue, fuchsia, purple, and even gold. It’s stunning!
  • Pinky: KBShimmer Shore Thing

What do you think? Are there any spiky flowers out there? And if you’ve photographed these multichrome flakies, what are your tricks you wizards??

And now for your daily David Tennant (and Donna, because she’s the most important woman in the world!):

David Tennant not mating with me sunshine, doctor who, donna noble, catherine tate

I volunteer!

20 thoughts on “Aqua flakie skittlette

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      I love Supernova so much! I’m glad you like it too 🙂 And thanks about my flowers – I don’t really know what I was going for in the beginning, but I kinda like the end point!


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