Holo Humpday: I Love Nail Polish Peri Me

Hello sweeties! I am SO excited because I have a week of vacation starting tomorrow!! Woot woot!

HeMan Vacation never coming back

Yeah, except then I’d get fired. But yay for vacation! I don’t know whether I shared this before, but this June marks the end of the looooooooong long training I’ve been going through to be a neonatologist (doctor for babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). I have a job lined up for when I’m done – I will be moving to SC! Woo hoo! So tomorrow, I’m heading down there to scout out places to live. Yay for warmer weather! I’ve been playing at my nail station, preparing some posts for when I’m out of town.

But today, I have another Holo Humpday! Today’s gorgeous holo is one of the new polishes from the Spring 2015 I Love Nail Polish collection. I picked this (and a few others) up during the preorder, but I think the collection will be launched for real very soon.

This is Peri Me:

I Love Nail Polish Peri Me

I Love Nail Polish Peri Me

Unnnnnffff! I LOVE this!! This was the first preview swatch I saw from the new collection, and I just knew it was going to be amazing. Peri Me is a stunningly delicate periwinkle blue holo with some golden mini flakies/ shimmer. It’s SUCH a perfect polish for spring & summer (& fall & winter… and the solstice… and the blood moon)!

ILNP Peri Me

ILNP Peri Me

Isn’t this so gorgeous?!

ILNP Peri Me

ILNP Peri Me

The formula is good as usual for ILNP. It’s really sheer on the first coat, but it builds up easily. I ended up doing 3 coats, but you could totally get it opaque in 2 if you paint thicker coats.

And here’s the closeup!

Closeup of ILNP Peri Me

Closeup of ILNP Peri Me

You can even see a slight red shimmer in the closeup! I couldn’t really capture the golden microflakies, but they’re super subtle and like to hide. Little ninja flakies.

What do you think? I’ve seen a bunch of periwinkle pop up recently – is this the new Spring 2015 trending color? I can’t say I’d mind because I always love periwinkle!

Keep an eye out for ILNP’s Spring 2015 collection! I bought a few others as well, and they’re all absolutely stunning! Plus, the holographic version of all the multichrome flakies is also being released soon.

And now for your daily David Tennant! Get ready for the feels…

David Tennant, doctor who, billie piper, rose tyler, doomsday, hey girl meme

Ugh, that gets me every time! EVERY time! Right in the feels.

18 thoughts on “Holo Humpday: I Love Nail Polish Peri Me

  1. Lustrous Lacquer

    You post made me giggle a lot! “It’s SUCH a perfect polish for spring & summer (& fall & winter… and the solstice… and the blood moon)!” I love it! Have a great vacation, I hope you enjoy SC. I have relatives that live there but have only visited twice. I think this is a great color on you and the holo effect is just perfect.

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Hehe – I’m glad I could make you giggle! Sometimes I worry people won’t appreciate my little silliness, so I’m glad you liked it!! 🙂
      I am loving SC – I can’t wait to move here!

  2. Lothwen

    I love periwinkles too! This one is just beautiful! And congrats on finishing your studies and finding a job! Wow, a neonatologist, that such an admirable profession, saving babies!

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Periwinkle is always a winner in my opinion! I think it looks good on EVERYONE!
      Thank you – I LOVE what I do! I’m excited to get my training wheels off soon 🙂


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