Teal Dotted Skittlette

Hello my sweeties!! It’s Friday! I’m SO excited because today I’m getting LASIK done! I have awful vision – I’ve worn glasses since 3rd grade, and I’ve wanted to have this done for years. And I’m finally biting the bullet and doing it!

This won't be me anymore! PS- That isn't actually me above lol

This won’t be me anymore! PS- That isn’t actually me hereΒ lol

So today I just have a simple but really pretty skittlette to celebrate my new look on life (pun intended πŸ˜‰ )

Teal & grey dotted skittlette

Teal & grey dotted skittlette

I knew I wanted to wear my favorite color, and I just built this mani from there. How can you go wrong with adding some dots and some sparkle?

Teal & grey dotted skittlette

Teal & grey dotted skittlette

I really like how this came out! It’s simple but still fun and cheerful!

Teal & grey dotted skittlette

Teal & grey dotted skittlette

Polishes used:

  • Index finger: Floss Gloss Wet… This gorgeous polish is a bright minty teal. I love this color so much! The formula isn’t the best ever. It’s really streaky on the first coat and requires complete dryness in between coats. But it’s not the worst formula ever either! It took 2-3 coats for opacity.
  • Middle finger:
    • Base color: Floss Gloss Wet
    • Dot: Zoya Carey… This is my favorite light pure grey polish!
  • Ring finger:
    • Base color: KBShimmer Eyes White Open… This is really neck & neck with Rica Whiteout for my favorite white polish. The formula is perfect, and it’s fully opaque without streaks in 2 coats!
    • Dots: Floss Gloss Wet & Zoya Carey
  • Pinky (& thumb):
    • Base: KBShimmer Eyes White Open
    • Glitter: Orly Sparkling Garbage… This is an amazingly gorgeous scattered holo polish. Unfortunately it’s super sheer! I really wish that it was more opaque! It took like 5 coats to look opaque over white. I also don’t enjoy it over white – I wish I had layered it over a similar color so it would blend better. Ugh, this polish has so much potential!

What do you think? Have you worn Orly’s Sparkling Garbage before? If so, do you know of a good undie for it? Please share if you do!!

And now for your daily David Tennant (and Donna too!):

Doctor Who donna and doctor, david tennant, catherine tate

16 thoughts on “Teal Dotted Skittlette

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Thanks! They ended up doing a slightly different corrective surgery, so I’m recovering a bit slower. But I’m going to be able to see SO soon! πŸ™‚

  1. Lothwen

    Oh how did it go? I have a friend who’s had it done and she is really happy with it! I hope it went well!
    This manicure is so fun, I love it!

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Thank you! It went well – I got PRK (something slightly different than LASIK), so my recovery time was a bit longer, but I still have the same end result! πŸ™‚


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