Summer Daisies: May NCC #3

Hello sweeties! I feel like each recent post has started with an apology for not blogging as frequently. Soooo, again I’m sorry for the infrequent posting! It will unfortunately continue for awhile. I have a very very busy June coming up – I’m going on a 2 week vacation and we’re moving out of state. So yeah, pretty busy! But I’ll try to post at least a little bit!

Today I’m showing you my third floral look for May’s Nail Challenge Collaborative. I love daisies, and they’re super appropriate for Spring & Summer. So time to put them on my nails!

Neon daisy manicure

Neon daisy manicure

I love this mani! It just makes me happy to look at! I was afraid that my daisies would come out looking like little fried eggs, but my husband assured me they looked like daisies. And I don’t think he was placating me either 😉

Neon daisy manicure

Neon daisy manicure

I am REALLY feeling neons recently. I mean, I always love a good neon (they’re pretty much always on my toes), but there are SO many good neons coming out in collections now. So my neon love has resurfaced with a vengeance!

Neon daisy manicure

Neon daisy manicure

Polishes used/ how I did this:

  • Base color: KBShimmer Lei It Again… This is from KBShimmer’s new Summer collection. It’s a gorgeous vibrant Barbie pink. If baby pink could be charged with neon energy, this would be it! The formula is great too! I did 3 coats on most nails, but I was able to get away with 2 coats on a few where I used thicker coats.
  • Daisy leaves: Rica Whiteout… As always, this is my go to white nail polish for nail art!
  • Center of daisies: KBShimmer Rum Me The Right Way… Another gorgeous polish from KBShimmer’s Summer 2015 collection. This is a very vibrant banana yellow. It’s not quite neon, but almost! I haven’t used it for a full manicure yet, so I can’t speak to the formula yet. But it was perfect for dotting.

What do you think? Are you feeling all the neons that are coming out? Do you like daisy manis?

Check out more floral manis by the talented NCC ladies:

And now it’s time for your daily David Tennant:

David Tennant sexy doctor who

God that man brings so much sexy! Yum yum yum!

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