The Doctor Is In

Hi, I’m Nicole and I’m a nail-aholic. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

I’m a neonatologist (a pediatric doctor specializing in sick babies) currently living in SC with my husband and our hyperactive dog, Kaiser. Yes, we named our dog after Kaiser Sose from The Usual Suspects… because we’re special.

In an attempt to find productive stress-relievers, I’ve gotten into crafting. I make my own jewelry, I knit, and I love anything nail art/ polish related. This blog I’ve started is my way of sharing my obsession with others, hopefully to inspire ideas and projects. I focus mainly on polish (both nail art and swatches), but you may see some of my random craft projects pop up here and there.

Please follow me and share your thoughts!

Also, feel free to email me with questions, random thoughts, suggestions, or if you want free medical advice! Just kidding, kind of.

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