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Lisa Frank Zebra Mani: February’s NCC #3

Hello my sweeties! Guess what tomorrow is?! It’s my birthday! I’m still such a little kid when it comes to my birthday – it’s like its own holiday for me. I would celebrate it for a whole month if I could. So for my upcoming birthday, I wanted some bright and cheery nails! In keeping with the animal theme for February’s challenge, I decided to do neon zebra print nails.

Lisa Frank Zebra Manicure

Lisa Frank Zebra Manicure

This was my first time painting zebra print on my nails, and I had to go with a neon rainbow to keep it cheery in this cold frigid snowy PA weather. The minute I saw the finished product, I thought LISA FRANK! Please tell me you remember Lisa Frank – the amazing neon cartoon animals were all over folders, notebooks, trapper keepers, pencils, EVERYTHING! I was ALL about the Lisa Frank life!

Classic Lisa Frank :)

Classic Lisa Frank 🙂

Like ^ that! I figured a neon zebra would fit in perfectly with the Lisa Frank world! Don’t you think?

I really like how it turned out. It’s fun and bright and cheerful – exactly what I needed amongst all the dreary cold. I could always use a little work on my freehand lines, but I think they are acceptable for this! 🙂

Another pic of my Lisa Frank zebra mani

Another pic of my Lisa Frank zebra mani

Oh, and I got an early birthday present – an Ott light! I’ve been wanting one forever since I’ve heard it makes your pics look a million times better. And I’m really liking it so far. I feel like my pics are sharper and more crisp, plus the color accuracy is improved! My camera actually picked up on the neon goodness of this mani under the Ott light!

Polishes used:

  • Base: KBShimmer Eyes White Open… this is the new white creme from KBShimmer’s Spring 2015 collection, and I am officially obsessed! It’s opaque and even in 2 coats, and the formula is perfection!! Side note – I keep wanting to say Eggs White Open, not sure why. Maybe I’m hungry 😉
  • Zebra stripes:
    • Essie Strut Your Stuff… a beautiful aqua blue creme
    • Formula X Radioactive… an almost-neon green. This is a bit sheer, even over white. But I love it with multiple coats!
    • Orly Glowstick… a perfect neon highlighter yellow
    • China Glaze Pool Party… one of my favorite neon coral pink/red! My camera didn’t freak out as much under the Ott light! Especially on my ring finger!

So what do you think? Have you done freehand zebra print before? (who am I kidding?! I think I’m the only one who hasn’t!) What do you like to put on your nails when it’s nasty outside?

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Flower Manicure/ Born Pretty Review

I was recently sent a few items to review from the Born Pretty store, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. If not, it’s a great site where there are tons of items ranging from nail art (obviously my favorite section) to tech accessories or other beauty supplies. I picked up a few things that will be reviewed in some upcoming posts.

You can use my code, CXB10, for 10% off on the site!

First off is a set of 3 nail art brushes that I used to do this simple flower and leaf manicure:


And here are the 3 brushes:



They’re fairly short in brush length and a bit thick, which I found easy to use for thicker lines. For this mani, I just used the middle one for the leaf vines. It was easy to work with – nice and flexible, pretty much you would expect from a good brush! If you don’t have nail art brushes, I’d recommend these if you don’t want to go for a larger or more expensive set (these are $1.99).

Here are some more pics of my flower manicure:



Base color: Polish My Life Muscat Martini (an absolutely gorgeous pastel purple with a great formula – I’m really in love with this brand now!)

Flowers: China Glaze Pool Party

Leaf Vines: Zoya Hunter

Random “free leaves:” Essie Naughty Nautical

And as a reminder, use my code to take 10% off! There’s free shipping worldwide:


Neon Gradient Skittlette: May NCC #2

Told you I’d be posting more! And this one is much prettier than the last. So feast your eyes on one of my other favorite color combos – neon red-pink and purple:


Much better right? I just love this manicure! It surprised me, too – I always thought I disliked textured polishes. I don’t like how it catches on clothes, picks up dog hair, etc. So I’ve always been hesitant about textureds. But this subtle Julep is divine! Not too gritty, very small glitter, and a very easy application.

Index & Middle: Gradient with Essie Play Date & China Glaze Pool Party… I just looove CG Pool Party – in certain lights, it’s a neon coral pink and in others, it’s a neon red. SO pretty!

Ring (and thumb, not pictured): Julep Cameron, a beautiful lavender textured glitter with both micro and slightly larger glitter (2 coats, no top coat)

Pinky: China Glaze Pool Party

I’m actually reconsidering my anti-textured polish stance. Maybe I’ll choose another “Stardust Finish” for my next Julep box…

Enjoy some other skittle/skittlettes from the talented NCC:


Purple Heart Dotticure, Cork People, and First Stamping Decal

I’ve had the idea for this manicure for awhile – dotted outlines around a heart. I originally was planning on using purple and teal, but I came across an old beloved scarf that inspired the color combo.



Purple and an electric reddish pink – so pretty! The scarf photographs more pink, but it does have more of a reddish tinge in real life. So that’s what I did! I used my dotting tool to make the center heart and a smaller tip for the rest of the dots. I actually think my right hand (pictured above) came out better than my left.

Here’s my left hand:



Maybe because I was more deliberate while dotting my right hand, who knows? Anyways, I think the center hearts came out better on the right. I do, however, love my left middle finger. And that’s not just because it gets a lot of use in everyday gesturing lol!

Here’s me giving the middle finger up close:


My dotting skills still need a bit of work, but I still think this came out lovely.



Above is the left hand, and below is my right:




The right wins, yes?

Colors used:

  • Base color: Formula X for Sephora Heart-Stopping
  • Center heart and outlines: China Glaze Pool Party – a neon reddish pink, one of my favorites!
  • Color Club Eternal Beauty – the always gorgeous purple holo

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