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Needle drag manicure: April NCC #3

Hello sweeties! Time for another manicure recreation! Today, I’ve chosen a gorgeous mani done by Lisa of The Polish Playground. She did this color blend mani (see her blog post here), which was before I joined the group. But I went back through old pics and found her version of a needle drag manicure!

Not this kind of drag:

rocky horror picture show, Frank n Furter how bout that, tim curry

Ahhh I love Rocky Horror! I’ve been to many a midnight showing. Magenta used to be my go-to Halloween costume, and people who weren’t familiar with the movie/ play would think I was just some messed up french maid lol.

I’ve chosen to do a slightly brighter version:

Needle drag manicure: recreation of The Polish Playground mani

Needle drag manicure: recreation of The Polish Playground mani

I wanted bright, and where have I been going for bright colors recently? To the China Glaze Electric Nights collection of course! (wow I’m being super corny today!) I chose the bright red-orange neon as my base – it’s photographing more orange than it is in person. But it’s SO freaking neon! I love this one!

Neon needle drag manicure

Neon needle drag manicure

Just wow, right?! So bright!

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Needle drag manicure

Polishes used/ how I did this:

  • Base color: China Glaze Red-y To Rave… This is another one of the Electric Nights polishes. The formula is perfect (only needed 2 coats for opacity) and this neon red-orange coral is such a great color!
  • I then painted thick vertical stripes of the following colors:
    • China Glaze Red-y To Rave
    • Polish My Life 1950s Mint Fridge… I’ve mentioned this gorgeous aqua teal before. It’s perfection 🙂
    • Color Club Baldwin Blues… This is a gorgeous deep teal that I have in a mini bottle (I think I got it in some Birchbox a long time ago).
  • Then I took the most narrow dotting tool and dragged it horizontally to blend them all.

What do you think? Have you done this needle drag technique before? What color combos do you like to drag together?

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