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Neon Gradient Skittlette: May NCC #2

Told you I’d be posting more! And this one is much prettier than the last. So feast your eyes on one of my other favorite color combos – neon red-pink and purple:


Much better right? I just love this manicure! It surprised me, too – I always thought I disliked textured polishes. I don’t like how it catches on clothes, picks up dog hair, etc. So I’ve always been hesitant about textureds. But this subtle Julep is divine! Not too gritty, very small glitter, and a very easy application.

Index & Middle: Gradient with Essie Play Date & China Glaze Pool Party… I just looove CG Pool Party – in certain lights, it’s a neon coral pink and in others, it’s a neon red. SO pretty!

Ring (and thumb, not pictured): Julep Cameron, a beautiful lavender textured glitter with both micro and slightly larger glitter (2 coats, no top coat)

Pinky: China Glaze Pool Party

I’m actually reconsidering my anti-textured polish stance. Maybe I’ll choose another “Stardust Finish” for my next Julep box…

Enjoy some other skittle/skittlettes from the talented NCC:


Skittlette #1 for May Nail Challenge Collaborative

I’m sorry for my recent lapse in posts! I was lacking in inspiration and feeling blah about any manicures I tried. And then I went on a lovely vacation, but now I’m back! I sat down last night and had a little nail party while binge watching all the shows I recorded on vacation.

First up is to catch up on May’s NCC, which is Skittles. This one is probably my least favorite, but no worries – I will spam your feed with a few more that I like a whole lot better!


And to show off the glitter better:


Index finger: Illamasqua Purity, dotted with China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint

Middle & Ring: China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint dotted with Illamasqua Purity

Pinky (and thumb, but not pictured): OPI DS Classic. I bought this a long time ago but never wore it. I thought it would really wash me out, but it’s actually a stunning nude scattered holo!

And here’s a gorgeous macro of my pinky:


Again, not my favorite mani. I think it washed me out a little bit. The Re-Fresh Mint looks a lot nicer in person at least!

Anyways, get prepared for more posts from me! Oh, and check out the other skittle/skittlette manis:

April NCC #3: Don’t cross the streams!

Apologies for my brief hiatus – I was on vacation. Despite growing up in New York, I had never been to Niagara Falls… a travesty that I finally remedied. Unfortunately, it was still cold so most of the major attractions like Maid of the Mist were closed. But I shopped and wine tasted enough to make up for that 🙂

I finally edited pictures from a buttload (yes, that is a technical measurement… non-metric, obviously) of slightly older manicures, so I will have more posts coming up soon! First on the list is the 3rd Nail Challenge mani for April (theme: music, movies, tv).

As I’m sure you have gleaned from previous posts, I’m just slightly obsessed with the 80s – music, style, movies, the list goes on! One of my all-time favorite movies from the 80s is Ghostbusters. When I was a child, I did go through a phase of being terrified of the Stay Puft marshmallow man, but I never lost my love! Bill Murray is just pure sarcastic comedic gold! So of course, I had to do a Ghostbusters-themed mani for the challenge.


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Week 4: My favorite Untried Challenge mani!

The husband was traveling for work for pretty much all of March, so of course my extra alone time was used to play with my polishes! Bored? Paint your nails! Lonely? Paint your nails! Such a great excuse 😉

So this was the perfect time to practice using my new nail art brushes! I finally got a set for my birthday, and I’ve been scared to use them. But it wasn’t that bad! I certainly need some work drawing lines, but this actually ended up being my favorite manicure out of all my untried challenge manis.

I used two brushes (one thicker, one thinner) to draw on a simple plaid pattern. I also (surprisingly enough) have never used my matte topcoat, so I put that over the plaid nails. I figured it’d be too hard for me to do all 10 fingers that way, so I did a glitter accent nail and used the bright purple accent from the plaid to paint my pinky and thumb.



And here’s a completely unflattering close up of the plaid:



Excuse my dry skin and cuticles – I had been lax in my lotioning and oiling. After seeing these pics, I definitely amped up my skin care routine!

Here are all the polishes I used (all untried of course):



Plaid nails:

  • Base color: Zoya Bevin – a really pretty light green with blue undertones
  • Lines: first, I painted on two thick lines vertically down one side of the nail using Julep Valerie (a very pretty opaque hunter green with gold shimmer)
  • Then I drew on two thick lines horizontally at the base of my nail using OPI Gargantuan Green Grape (a light green with yellow undertones… I know there are some batches out there that look more teal-blue, but I have the almost light lime green version)
  • And then I took my thin striper brush to paint on one vertical line and one horizontal line at the tip of the nail using Orly Frolic (a beautiful bright purple… almost a radiant orchid shade)
  • Lastly, I mattified it all using Essie Matte About You. It worked great, but I did need a thicker coat of it.

Glitter nail – China Glaze This is Tree-Mendous. I think it was a part of their recent holiday collection. I used 3 coats then 2 coats of topcoat (my beloved HK Girl) because it thinks topcoat is really yummy and eats it all up.

Pinky and thumb – Orly Frolic.

Now, I did notice that my matte top coat wore down after a day or two in spots. I had to reapply it to keep it matte rather than shiny. Does that happen usually? Or is that just my topcoat?

Anyways, I love this manicure and hope you like it too 🙂 This was the last of my untried challenge manicures for the Nail Challenge Collaborative, but I love using my older and untouched polishes so I think I’ll try to continue this as much as I can!

Check out the others:


First Striping Tape Manicure

It was my birthday last week (yay!), and despite thinking that I couldn’t possibly need any more nail supplies my mother was awesome enough to get me striping tape, nail studs, brushes, and a variety of other fun things. So I had to try out my new toys!



I used one of my all-time favorite colors, a bright minty green. I recently bought a few China Glaze polishes from Beyond Polish, which offers them at $3- $3.50! Highlight of my Summer was a must-have… it’s this amazing pastel neon mint green that I’m in love with! 



And who doesn’t love a sparky mint green like Orly Sparkling Garbage? So I knew I had to use both! To accentuate the gorgeous greens, I started off with a nice neutral color – Essie Chinchilly. I love this color, but the polish was very sheer & thin/ almost runny. It was extremely patchy on the first coat, but I was pleasantly surprised that the 2nd coat made it evenly opaque.

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Purple Heart Dotticure, Cork People, and First Stamping Decal

I’ve had the idea for this manicure for awhile – dotted outlines around a heart. I originally was planning on using purple and teal, but I came across an old beloved scarf that inspired the color combo.



Purple and an electric reddish pink – so pretty! The scarf photographs more pink, but it does have more of a reddish tinge in real life. So that’s what I did! I used my dotting tool to make the center heart and a smaller tip for the rest of the dots. I actually think my right hand (pictured above) came out better than my left.

Here’s my left hand:



Maybe because I was more deliberate while dotting my right hand, who knows? Anyways, I think the center hearts came out better on the right. I do, however, love my left middle finger. And that’s not just because it gets a lot of use in everyday gesturing lol!

Here’s me giving the middle finger up close:


My dotting skills still need a bit of work, but I still think this came out lovely.



Above is the left hand, and below is my right:




The right wins, yes?

Colors used:

  • Base color: Formula X for Sephora Heart-Stopping
  • Center heart and outlines: China Glaze Pool Party – a neon reddish pink, one of my favorites!
  • Color Club Eternal Beauty – the always gorgeous purple holo

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Quick vacation manicures

Hope everyone had lovely holidays! I worked over Christmas, so I got New Years off. The husband and I went down to Virginia to visit friends and my in-laws. We missed it down there! Such great people, amazing yet cheap seafood, and best of all – the beach! We were even able to stop in Williamsburg to pick up our favorite snack, bread ends from The Cheese Shop. So yummy!

I did 2 quick manis while on break. One before I left, and another a few days in. The first:



Half moon manicure using Lime Crime Pastelchio as the base color. Pastelchio is a neon pastel lime green – I’ve been wanting this one for awhile and decided I would treat myself as a present. I don’t know if I’ll wear it on its own, but it’ll be great for nail art. And the top color is China Glaze’s Take a Trek. Now this is part of the holographic collection and it even photographs similar to a holo, but it certainly doesn’t look like a holo in person. I may be spoiled by the crazy awesome holos in the Color Club line, but I feel like this is a poor substitute for a holo in general. Plus (and I probably should’ve seen this coming), it didn’t stay the pretty color from the bottle once layered over the Lime Crime. It went from the intended steel blue-grey pseudo-holo to an almost forest green. I still like it because it ended up looking like a shimmer and the color combination still worked, but it most definitely wasn’t what I had in mind.

Then it started to chip while on break, so of course I needed to change it up!



Mmmm I LOVE this polish! I splurged on a few indie polishes from abroad (using the amazing Llarowe site) and amongst those was this gem – Emily de Molly Bo Peep. Excuse the pics – they were quickly taken on a cell phone while on vacation. But isn’t it divine?! A beautiful minty teal crelly base with variable sizes of matte pink, yellow-green, and purple glitter in both hexes and circles. Opaque in 2 coats, and I added a third to get an even better variety of glitter. So pretty! Who needs nail art when you have such an interesting polish? This is a definite happy favorite!

Hope everyone’s getting through the post-holiday blues!

It’s so SPARKLY!

There’s a lot going on with my most recent manicure. Shimmer, holographic, and sparkle with stamping and marbling… I may have gone on overload here. It’s like a manicure on crack. I like it though (the manicure, not crack).


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