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Holographic stamping

I got bored with my last manicure, so I spiced it up with some stamping. I was right – the holographic polish stamps really well!



I used the geometric shapes from the Konad m64 image plate. The designs are great, but they’re a little thin. My thumb wasn’t fully covered. I heard that Konad’s new plates are a bit wider, so maybe I’ll check those out.

This picture was inside near a light. I did not use a top coat on the stamped nails.

Essie and Color Club swatch

My recent amazon purchase came in the mail the other day. I bought the Color Club Holographic Hues collection; 6 gorgeous holographic polishes in lighter shades. I’ve been dying to try them out! A full holographic manicure might have been too distracting for my ADD self, so I just did a simple manicure with an accent nail. Aaaand I’m in love.Image

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