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Pipe Dream Polish Mas Fina Swatch

I have another quick post for you today. I wanted to show you another gorgeous polish that I’ve had for a long time but never ended up wearing. So it’s time to swatch this pretty baby!

Pipe Dream Polish is another great indie polish brand that I love. I bought a few mini bottles a long time ago to introduce me to the brand, and I love every single one – I think I need to go back and order full-size bottles soon. 🙂

This post is a swatch of Mas Fina. It’s a beautiful violet/ radiant orchid crelly with some blue, teal, and purple iridescent glitter. There’s also a slight shimmer to the base color as well.

pipe dream polish mas fina nail polish swatch

Sooo pretty, isn’t it? (Sidenote: does anyone else have issues posing with mini bottles? I find it so awkward!) This polish is a bit on the sheer side, so this is 3 coats with a smoothing top coat (I use one I was given by Nayll).

Mas Fina is mainly that radiant orchid shade, but leans pink in the sun and purple in the shade. I love it!

Have you tried Pipe Dream Polish? Any suggestions of other beauties I need from them? Enjoy your weekend!


Quick vacation manicures

Hope everyone had lovely holidays! I worked over Christmas, so I got New Years off. The husband and I went down to Virginia to visit friends and my in-laws. We missed it down there! Such great people, amazing yet cheap seafood, and best of all – the beach! We were even able to stop in Williamsburg to pick up our favorite snack, bread ends from The Cheese Shop. So yummy!

I did 2 quick manis while on break. One before I left, and another a few days in. The first:



Half moon manicure using Lime Crime Pastelchio as the base color. Pastelchio is a neon pastel lime green – I’ve been wanting this one for awhile and decided I would treat myself as a present. I don’t know if I’ll wear it on its own, but it’ll be great for nail art. And the top color is China Glaze’s Take a Trek. Now this is part of the holographic collection and it even photographs similar to a holo, but it certainly doesn’t look like a holo in person. I may be spoiled by the crazy awesome holos in the Color Club line, but I feel like this is a poor substitute for a holo in general. Plus (and I probably should’ve seen this coming), it didn’t stay the pretty color from the bottle once layered over the Lime Crime. It went from the intended steel blue-grey pseudo-holo to an almost forest green. I still like it because it ended up looking like a shimmer and the color combination still worked, but it most definitely wasn’t what I had in mind.

Then it started to chip while on break, so of course I needed to change it up!



Mmmm I LOVE this polish! I splurged on a few indie polishes from abroad (using the amazing Llarowe site) and amongst those was this gem – Emily de Molly Bo Peep. Excuse the pics – they were quickly taken on a cell phone while on vacation. But isn’t it divine?! A beautiful minty teal crelly base with variable sizes of matte pink, yellow-green, and purple glitter in both hexes and circles. Opaque in 2 coats, and I added a third to get an even better variety of glitter. So pretty! Who needs nail art when you have such an interesting polish? This is a definite happy favorite!

Hope everyone’s getting through the post-holiday blues!