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Giraffe manicure: February’s NCC #1

Hello sweeties! And happy February to you! I love February because it’s my birthday month, and I still get as excited as a little girl for my birthday. It’s definitely a holiday for me 🙂 February also marks the start of another theme for the Nail Challenge Collaborative; this month, we’re doing animal manicures! For my first look, I decided to try out a new nail art technique – the blobbicure (doesn’t that sound like a horror movie villain or a disease?!).

There are a ton of tutorials floating about on how to do blobbicures, and I came across one from NailzSchmailz on Instagram using white and orange polish. She said it reminded her of giraffe skin, so I figured this would be a great opportunity to try a new technique for this animal look!

Giraffe blobbicure

Giraffe blobbicure

Not bad for my first attempt! I really like how this came out. Each nail is different, but it’s still cohesive. I got the hang of the technique by the time I got to my middle finger, which happens to be my favorite one! Plus, I think this really looks like sparkly giraffe skin. I’d love to see a giraffe like this!

How I did it/ products I used:

  • Base color: OPI My Vampire is Buff… such a great creme vanilla – perfect for nail art! I used 2 coats to get it opaque and then let it dry.
  • Then I painted a 3rd fairly thick coat of that OPI on.
  • While that was still wet, I dabbed on varying sized dots of Different Dimension Bold as Brass. This polish is amazing! It’s a beautiful bronze/ brass holo, and it gave this mani a little extra something. The holo is crazy strong!
  • I used the brush from the bottle to dab on the dots – I’ve seen tutorials where people use a dotting tool and I feel like you get more polish spread with the brush.
  • I let those dots spread, making the blobbicure happen!

What do you think? Have you tried blobbicures yet? Also, did you watch the SuperBowl last night? I sort of watched – it was more of fast forward and watch the commercials! 😉 I thought the commercials leaned more toward the morose/ depressions side… I wish they had more funny ones. I did like the halftime show though – Missy Elliot was awesome!

See more animal manicures from the NCC ladies:

Holo Humpday: Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed

Happy day before Thanksgiving (to my US lovelies or anyone who just loves turkey!)! I have a quick post for you today with a gorgeous metallic holo. Different Dimension recently put out the Heavy Metals collection with 6 different metallic holos and 2 glitter toppers. I picked up two of the holos because HOLO ALL THE THINGS! I got Copper-Bottomed and Bold As Brass, which actually look very similar. But if you look more closely, Bold as Brass is a bit more brown and Copper-Bottomed is more orangey/ penny-colored.

Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed

Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed

Isn’t Copper-Bottomed so pretty?! It looks like a brand new penny covered in holo goodness. And even though it leans a bit metallic, there’s no noticable brushstrokes.

Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed

Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed showing off the holo

And the linear holo is real strong too! I was happily surprised that this color worked nicely with my skintone. This type of coppery color could really be hit or miss for me, but I really love it!

And here’s a closeup:

Closeup of Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed

Closeup of Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed

Well I love it! What do you think? Did you get any of the Heavy Metals collection? Which is your favorite? I’m regretting not getting Heart of Rose Gold, but there are always holiday and birthday presents right?

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! Hope you have a lovely day filled with yummy food and good company!