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June NCC #2: Orange is the New Black

The Nail Challenge Collaborative theme for June is Black & White. This coincided well with the release of season 2 of Orange is the New Black, so of course I have to feature my new bright orange polish from Marc Jacobs!


If you haven’t seen the show, you should! It’s amazing. This mani is obviously inspired by title, for one. The main character’s nickname from her first prison wife is Dandelion, so I stamped on a dandelion to pay tribute to Crazy Eyes.


And another pic:


Index finger & thumb:

  • Zoya Carey (light grey creme) with
  • Formula X Firecracker (matte orange glitter topper) and
  • Different Dimension’s Social Suicide (an amazing matte white and black hex glitter… no bar glitter! It took me forever to find a glitter topper with B&W and no bar glitter)

Middle & Ring finger: Marc Jacobs Oh Splat! (gorgeous bright orange creme) with MoYou Pro 06 stamping using Konad white stamping polish

Pinky: MJ Oh Splat! with Zoya Purity splattered over it

Check out the other fantastic black and white manis:


Orange Spotted Delft nails

I heart MoYou London. They’re probably my favorite image plates so far. I own some Konad, Messy Mansion, Bundle Monster, Gals, and Winstonia. MoYou London has such a wide variety of available images and they’re all very high quality. I got a few in the mail and love playing with them!



I layered Formula X White Matter (white, duh), then 1 coat of Formula X Firecracker (matte orange glitter topcoat). Then I used MoYou London Pro 06 image plate and stamped the flowery image using Zoya Sailor, a dark navy blue. I think it looks vaguely like Delft pottery, don’t you? Such a pretty intricate pattern that stamped so easily and I like that the orange added a super subtle touch of color.





On a side note, I just watched the 2nd episode of Sherlock’s 3rd season. Loved it – touching best man speech, seeing Sherlock & John drunk, and Sherlock teaching impressionable young minds about murder.