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Purple floral manicure: May NCC #1

Hello sweeties!

Moriarty did you miss me, sherlock

I decided to take a quick break from blogging, so there was no post on Friday. I needed some rest after working on those monster presentations! They went well, and now I’m back with some manis for all y’all!

May brings another Nail Challenge Collaborative theme, and this month we’re doing FLOWERS! I love floral manis so much, and it’s such a perfect theme for spring! For my first look, I’m doing a mani inspired by Marisa of Hey Darling Polish (see her post here).┬áMarisa always does the best floral manis, and this one is one of my favorites of hers!

Spring floral manicure

Spring floral manicure

As you can see, I used a different base color. I recently picked up this almost white pistachio color, and I’ve been dying to use it. So I did! I kept the flowers as close to my inspiration as possible though!

Spring floral manicure

Spring floral manicure

So the white flowers barely show up against the really light pistachio background, but I still like the overall look! I wish I would have used something other than white, or maybe a darker green/ teal background.

Spring floral manicure

Spring floral manicure

Polishes used:

  • Base color: Floss Gloss Glowstar… This gorgeous polish is a very light pastel pistachio green, verging on a green-tinged white. It’s a bit of a tricky formula – streaky on the 1st coat and requiring 3 smooth coats. But the beauty is worth it! And it makes me look more tan than I am, and I’m always a fan of that!
  • Flowers:
    • Light purple: Essie Play Date… This is a great light purple polish. And it has one of the better formulas for Essie! It’s one of my favorite Essies ever!
    • Dark purple: OPI Vant to Bite My Neck?… A gorgeous dark purple creme with a perfect formula.
    • White: Zoya Purity… A nice white creme – not my favorite, but still a nice one.
    • Yellow: Sally Hansen Lightening… This is a great opaque pure yellow. It has a great formula, and it is my favorite yellow to use for stamping!

What do you think?

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David Tennant Hello, doctor who

Hellooooo gorgeous ­čśë

Oscar de la Renta manicure: March’s NCC #2

Hello and happy Monday my sweeties! Today I’m sharing my second manicure for March’s Nail Challenge Collaborative theme. NY Fashion Week recently happened, so this is definitely the perfect timing to do manis based on fashion!

I was browsing Pinterest and stumbled upon Oscar de la Renta’s 2015 Resort line. It was filled with black and white, florals, and some pops of bright pink and purple.

A few dresses from Oscar de la Renta 2015 Resort collection

A few dresses from Oscar de la Renta 2015 Resort collection

Aren’t those dresses gorgeous?! I don’t know what resort you would wear these to… I’m used to wearing bathing suits and beach wear to resorts. I guess Beyonce could pull off wearing a designer gown at a resort though. So maybe this collection is meant for┬áBeyonce? They’re stunning no matter who you’re designing for or where you’re meant to wear the pieces!

I decided I needed to work on my freehand flowers anyways, so this was a perfect inspiration for a mani. I went with a dark shimmery green instead of black, and I had a perfect pink to match!

My Oscar de la Renta  manicure

My Oscar de la Renta manicure

I tried cutting down the bristles of one of my nail brushes to get really thin lines, but they’re still a bit thicker than I’d prefer. I feel like I needed to cut it down to a single bristle in order to get the type of wispy lines I was going for with this manicure.

Another pic of my Oscar de la Renta manicure

Another pic of my Oscar de la Renta manicure

Also, the pink photographed a bit more neon pink than it is in real life. In real life, it looks practically identical to the Oscar de la Renta dress above – a slighly purple-leaning bright fuchsia. My camera can be a┬átemperamental┬álittle beyotch; it hates blurples, it changes neon pink to orange, it changes oranges to pinks, and it changes fuchsia to neon pink. Silly camera!

Polishes used:

  • Index & middle fingers:
    • Base color: Barry M Racing Green… This is a beautiful dark blackened emerald green with some added shimmer. So beautiful!
    • Flowers: Rica Whiteout… As usual, this is my favorite white for nail art and everything else!
  • Ring finger & pinky:
    • Base color: KBShimmer Beach Please… This is a GORGEOUS fuchsia – bright pink with some purple tones. The formula is perfection!
    • Flower on ring finger: Barry M Racing Green… This was not as pretty in┬ánail art because it came out pretty sheer. Ah well.

What do you think? Do you sometimes want to swear at your poor little camera for screwing up colors? I feel like my camera never went to grade school and therefore never learned colors. Maybe I ┬áshould be more lenient with┬ámy poor uneducated camera – it didn’t have the advantages I did. ­čśë

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Neon stripes and roses: August NCC #3

Here comes manicure #3 for August’s NCC theme of Tea Party! For this one, I decided to basically recreate a recent favorite of mine – stripes and flowers. I imagine an outside tea party in a garden with a trellis of vines and flowers. Since I’m obsessed with neon, I also used my recent Models Own purchase.

neon green white roses stripes flowers manicure

Gorgeous right?? I love this type of manicure. Paulina’s Passions does it perfectly, and I just plain strive to make my flower nails like hers!

This manicure was actually from awhile ago… I had it on my nails when the August theme was announced, and I knew it’d be perfect for the tea party theme!

neon green white roses stripes flowers manicure

Polishes used:

  • Pinky, thumb, and neon stripes: Models Own Flip Flop
  • Base color: Rica Whiteout
  • Roses: Orly Frolic (bright orchid purple), OPI Vant to Bite my Neck? (dark purple accent), Illamasqua Collide (sheer neon pink to brighten the roses up)
  • Leaves: Revlon Posh

What do you think? Do you wear neons year-round or just in the warmer months? I think I want to wear neons forever ­čÖé

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Lilly Pulitzer-inspired Mani for August’s NCC

It’s August already! It seems like July went by so quickly. August ushers in another theme from the Nail Challenge Collaborative – Tea Party! I can’t wait to see what everyone does for this challenge.

One of the first things that came to mind when thinking about tea parties was a fancy lady in pearls and a bright, colorful Lilly Pulitzer dress. Why? I think my time as a sorority girl in Virginia influenced that – every spring/summer meant that all the Lilly dresses came out to play.

So here’s my first manicure for the Tea Party theme inspired by a print by Lilly Pulitzer:

lilly pulitzer monogram nail art freehand manicure teal pink reef madness


Lilly, to me, is always bright and colorful.┬áMy manicure was inspired by the pattern, Reef Madness. Here’s a pic of it I found on a tumblr account, Pulitzer Prints:

lilly pulitzer reef madness


And since I equate Lilly with monograms, I added one of those on my ring finger as an accent. Here’s a pic where you can see the monogram a little better:

lilly pulitzer monogram nail art freehand manicure teal pink reef madness

My freehand is still just ok, but I really like my middle finger (hehe naturally). I think it’s the only one that even slightly resembles a coral reef pattern. And my monogram definitely could use some work!

lilly pulitzer monogram nail art freehand manicure teal pink reef madness


Colors used:

  • Base color: Julep Lani, a beautiful bright teal.
  • Coral pattern: China Glaze Purple Panic, a great purple-pink shimmery polish.
  • Monogram: Sephora by OPI A Ha! Moment

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