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Purple mish-mash manicure

Hello my sweeties! It’s Friday! It was a busy week, so this is going to be a quick post today. I don’t know how to succinctly describe today’s mani, so I’m just calling it the purple mish-mash mani. 🙂 It has a little bit o’everything. I started out wanting a gradient manicure, but I decided I wanted to make it a skittlette manicure.

Purple mish-mash manicure

Purple mish-mash manicure

The darker purple is much more purple in real life. My camera wanted to make it blue-toned, but it is definitely warmer than it photographs. My camera must be prejudiced against blurples! They never work well on film for me!

Purple mish-mash manicure

Purple mish-mash manicure

I also wanted to be able to use a fun polish that I bought awhile back that hasn’t seen any love yet. Reverie Bonfire didn’t match as well as I originally thought it would, but it doesn’t clash too badly!

Closeup of Reverie Bonfire

Closeup of Reverie Bonfire

Polishes used:

  • Pinky: OPI Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm?… this is a warm leaning blurple that is just stunning. It’s a vibrant purple with a perfect formula.
  • Ring finger (and thumb): Reverie Bonfire… this is a deep blue jelly with coppery orange shards/flakes, blue iridescent glitter, and some holo mixed throughout. I used 3 coats to get this opaque, and the formula wasn’t too thick.
  • Index and middle fingers:
    • Base: Formula X Heart-Stopping… this is a perfect light lavender purple creme.
    • Gradient: Heart-Stopping with Stock-Holm
    • Dots in Stock-Holm

What do you think? Do you think it coordinates alright? What accent glitter/ nail art would you have chosen?

Holiday Party Manicure

So I intended to do a manicure for my Holiday Party yesterday, but I ended up staying late at work with no time to both get dressed AND do my nails. While I personally would prefer to have my nails done than wear pretty clothes, I didn’t think it’d be good for my career to show up naked with a great manicure. But I’d like to show you what I would have done if I had the time!

My Holiday Jelly Sandwich Manicure

My Holiday Jelly Sandwich Manicure

I don’t do jelly sandwiches often enough, so I thought I’d glitz one up for a holiday party- appropriate mani! I wanted a good cheery red, and what better way to glitz things up than to add a bunch of glitter?

Here’s a closeup:

Glitter jelly sandwich manicure

Glitter jelly sandwich manicure

It’s like a pretty ornament!

Polishes used:

  • Base color: Glam Polish You Can’t Stop The Beat… this is an absolutely amaaaazing polish!! It’s this gorgeous pinky orange-leaning red scattered holo with golden shimmer. I definitely need to show y’all this baby on its own someday!
  • Glitter gradient: Essie Set in Stones (silver multisize hex glitter) and Orly Mermaid Tale (emerald green multisize hex glitter)
  • Jelly topper: Zoya Paloma… this is a purple leaning raspberry sheer jelly. It transformed the base color and glitter nicely without covering it too much. It did, however, make the emerald green glitter blue (I guess purple + green = blue).

Anyways if I did this one again, I’d probably do without the green glitter (seeing as how it doesn’t even look green with the jelly topper). But otherwise I really like this! I love that the holo still shines through – the jelly just gives it more depth.

What do you think? What are your favorite jelly sandwich combos? What’s on your nails for holiday parties?

Neutral and green skittlette manicure

Happy December everyone! I love this time of year – not for the snowy weather, but I just adore picking out presents for people. And it definitely doesn’t suck to receive presents either 😉 ! Today I have a mani with a little bit o’ everything for you. There’s holo, metallic, neutrals, a gradient, dotting, and stamping!

manicure nail polish opi my vampire is buff essie partner in crime good as gold blue-eyed girl lacquer mickey smith, defending the earth doctor who manicure gradient nail art stamping moyou london dotting holo holographic mink muffs

My sampler manicure

I really love this one! It’s a bit of a sampler of everything, but I think it goes well together. Here’s another pic:

manicure nail polish opi my vampire is buff essie partner in crime good as gold blue-eyed girl lacquer mickey smith, defending the earth doctor who manicure gradient nail art stamping moyou london dotting holo holographic mink muffs

And that holo!

I LOVE love love that green holo! It’s much more of an evergreen in real life, but my camera really wanted to make it look turquoise. Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer just restocked this polish (it’s called Mickey Smith, Defending the Earth – part of the Gents of Doctor Who collection) yesterday, and this will be the last restock for awhile!! So if you like it, go pick it up ASAP! Oh, and there’s a 25% off Cyber Monday sale today (check out the BEGL Facebook page for more details) – all the more reason to go now!

Products used:

  • Index finger and thumb: BEGL Mickey Smith, Defending the Earth
  • Middle and ring fingers:
    • Base Color: OPI My Vampire is Buff… a perfect cream nude
    • Gradient: OPI My Vampire is Buff, Essie Mink Muffs (a medium brown creme), and Essie Partner in Crime (a perfect almost black dark chocolate creme)
    • Stamping plate: MoYou London Pro XL 14
    • Stamping polish: Essie Good as Gold
  • Pinky
    • Base Color: Essie Partner In Crime
    • Dot: BEGL Mickey Smith, Defending the Earth

So what do you think? Do you like to mix and match manis as much as I do? Will you be heading over to BEGL to pick up that awesome green holo or any of the other Doctor Who polishes?

B&W Scaled Gradient: June NCC #4

Last Nail Challenge Collaborative post for the month! I’ve actually had a difficult time thinking of different, creative manis this month. But I think I have a good one here.

I saw a beautiful scaled gradient from Simply Nailogical in neon shades and really wanted to try it out. So this is my first attempt at a scaled gradient in black and white to fit our June theme!


Definitely didn’t come out perfect, but I like it.

I used a base of OPI Alpine snow, then did my first gradient of Alpine Snow, Zoya Carey (grey creme), and Zoya Raven (black creme with slight shimmer) at the base of each nail.

Once the first gradient was done, I put a single chevron vinyl from Nail Vinyls over the black mid nail. The difficult part was covering up the bottom of the sticker while keeping the chevron detail intact. Then I sponged on another gradient at the tips of my nails. On most nails, I had to go back and touch up the black to show the detail of the chevron. But I think it looks alright!

Here are a few more pics:


And a bit closer:


I’m definitely going to have to try this design again in different colors. I think it might also be easier if the darker color of the gradient was at the base of the nail.

Thus endeth June’s Nail Challenge Collaborative! July’s challenge will be recreations of old manicures.

Check out the other manis:

Neon Gradient Skittlette: May NCC #2

Told you I’d be posting more! And this one is much prettier than the last. So feast your eyes on one of my other favorite color combos – neon red-pink and purple:


Much better right? I just love this manicure! It surprised me, too – I always thought I disliked textured polishes. I don’t like how it catches on clothes, picks up dog hair, etc. So I’ve always been hesitant about textureds. But this subtle Julep is divine! Not too gritty, very small glitter, and a very easy application.

Index & Middle: Gradient with Essie Play Date & China Glaze Pool Party… I just looove CG Pool Party – in certain lights, it’s a neon coral pink and in others, it’s a neon red. SO pretty!

Ring (and thumb, not pictured): Julep Cameron, a beautiful lavender textured glitter with both micro and slightly larger glitter (2 coats, no top coat)

Pinky: China Glaze Pool Party

I’m actually reconsidering my anti-textured polish stance. Maybe I’ll choose another “Stardust Finish” for my next Julep box…

Enjoy some other skittle/skittlettes from the talented NCC:


Green Graffiti Nails

I saw this amazing idea awhile ago and couldn’t wait to copy it. Chit Chat Nails did a twin blog post and used one of the Bundle Monster image plates from the Create Your Own set. http://www.chitchatnails.com/2013/10/18/twin-post-with-nail-call-part-2/

Gorgeous, right? Instead of the grey gradient, I used bright green. But otherwise, mine is practically identical… and I love it!





I absolutely love this! I think it’s one of my best manicures, don’t you?!

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