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CrowsToes Candied Brains Anyone?: another amazing Halloween glitter

Happy Halloween everyone! What are your plans? I’m going to a friend’s party to hand out candy and imbibe some fun drinks! For this Halloween, I wanted to show you another beautiful CrowsToes glitter topper that’s perfect for the holiday (see VooDoo here). Candied Brains Anyone? was a limited edition polish for October’s A Box Indied. It’s not available anymore, but I was lucky enough to buy it off someone in a Facebook group!

CrowsToes Candied Brains, Anyone? over OPI Do You Have This Color In Stockholm?

CrowsToes Candied Brains Anyone? over OPI Do You Have This Color In Stockholm?

This glitter topper is perfection! There are multi-sized hexes of orange, green, purple, blue, and fuchsia. It would look good over almost any polish, but I used OPI Do You Have This Color In Stockholm? as my base color. The formula was great too – the glitter payoff was amazeballs (this is seriously just one coat!).

Another pic of the beauty!

Another pic of the beauty!

Isn’t this just so pretty?! It’s not a typical Halloween manicure, but it’s colorful and it reminds me of a big bag of different candies. I just plain love it!

Here’s a closeup:

Closeup of these 2 beauties!

Closeup of these 2 beauties!

That OPI polish is stunning too! It’s a true blurple – a perfect mix of blue and purple. As you can tell with the above pics, sometimes it leans more one than the other. But it’s sooo pretty!

Anyways, so Happy Halloween! What’s your costume? What’s on your nails?

Holo Humpday: Superficially Colorful Lacquer Toruk Makto + Halloween stamping

Happy almost Halloween! Or maybe today I should say “Holo-ween?” Womp womp – sorry, that was a bad pun. But today is another Holo Humpday! And I figured I’d spruce it up with a Halloween-themed color and some stamping.

I’m sure y’all remember how much I loooooove Superficially Colorful’s Life on Pandora collection. It’s an amazing combo of neon and holo, plus the polishes are a perfect formula and are black light reactive! How can you go wrong? Check out the neon pink and neon green in the linked posts.

Anyways, I wanted to start off just showing you the polish on its own:

Superficially Colorful Lacquer Toruk Makto

Superficially Colorful Lacquer Toruk Makto

Here’s the description of the polish:

The Toruk Makto is the rider of Toruk. An orange holographic polish inspired by the brave rider of the Toruk – the great red-orange leonopteryx, who could unite all the different clans of Pandora natives.

This is an amazing neon orange holo polish! Love love love! It’s even more neon-appearing in person. It dries a bit satin, so top coat this baby to make it shine!

I decided to stamp some Halloween images because, well, it’s almost Halloween and this color is very holiday-appropriate!



As you can tell, the polish looks more orange and vivid on the nails than in the bottle. It’s like a highlighter orange!

For the stamping plate, I used the Winstonia W116 plate that has all Halloween-appropriate images. I used Rica Blackout for my stamping polish.

So I know orange is a polarizing color for people – would you wear this? If so, you should totally check out Superficially Colorful because the collection was recently restocked!

CrowsToes VooDoo: a perfect Halloween glitter

Happy Friday! Are you into the Halloween spirit yet? I’m slowly getting there. Today I figured I’d show a brand new polish of mine that is PERFECT for the upcoming holiday! CrowsToes nail polish was recently restocked, and I’ve been coveting so many of their beauties. And Dani of From Polish, With Love (my new blogger girl crush!) convinced me I needed to bite the bullet and BUY ALL THE CROWSTOES! So I did 🙂 So anyways, here’s one of my first CrowsToes, VooDoo!

VooDoo over black, blue, and purple

CrowsToes VooDoo over black, blue, and purple undies

First I wanted to see what the perfect undies were, so I tried black (Zoya Raven) on my pinky & index fingers, dark blue (Zoya Ryan) on my middle finger, and purple (OPI Do You Have This Color In Stockholm?) on my ring finger.

A new hand position - yay or nay?

A new hand position – yay or nay?

VooDoo is a gooorgeous glitter topper that has varied sizes of orange, purple, and teal glitter in hexes and shards. Oh, and there’s also some orange bar glitter. I usually despise bar glitter, but it actually looks pretty good in this polish!

So my favorite combo with this topper was actually Zoya Ryan, the beautiful deep navy blue. I thought it was going to be black or purple, but blue definitely won out!

CrowsToes VooDoo over Zoya Ryan

CrowsToes VooDoo over Zoya Ryan

And a closeup:

Just look at that glitter!

Just look at that glitter!

All of these swatches just had one coat of VooDoo – there’s amazing glitter payoff! I did some dabbing to even out the application, but it was super easy to get a great look!

So what do you think? Are you pro- or anti-bar glitter? And how do you like my new hand positioning? I’m kind of liking it, but it is awkward in the picture-taking. Also, do you have any CrowsToes favorites? Any must-haves?