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Holiday Party Manicure

So I intended to do a manicure for my Holiday Party yesterday, but I ended up staying late at work with no time to both get dressed AND do my nails. While I personally would prefer to have my nails done than wear pretty clothes, I didn’t think it’d be good for my career to show up naked with a great manicure. But I’d like to show you what I would have done if I had the time!

My Holiday Jelly Sandwich Manicure

My Holiday Jelly Sandwich Manicure

I don’t do jelly sandwiches often enough, so I thought I’d glitz one up for a holiday party- appropriate mani! I wanted a good cheery red, and what better way to glitz things up than to add a bunch of glitter?

Here’s a closeup:

Glitter jelly sandwich manicure

Glitter jelly sandwich manicure

It’s like a pretty ornament!

Polishes used:

  • Base color: Glam Polish You Can’t Stop The Beat… this is an absolutely amaaaazing polish!! It’s this gorgeous pinky orange-leaning red scattered holo with golden shimmer. I definitely need to show y’all this baby on its own someday!
  • Glitter gradient: Essie Set in Stones (silver multisize hex glitter) and Orly Mermaid Tale (emerald green multisize hex glitter)
  • Jelly topper: Zoya Paloma… this is a purple leaning raspberry sheer jelly. It transformed the base color and glitter nicely without covering it too much. It did, however, make the emerald green glitter blue (I guess purple + green = blue).

Anyways if I did this one again, I’d probably do without the green glitter (seeing as how it doesn’t even look green with the jelly topper). But otherwise I really like this! I love that the holo still shines through – the jelly just gives it more depth.

What do you think? What are your favorite jelly sandwich combos? What’s on your nails for holiday parties?