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Mint and blush dotted skittlette

Hello my sweeties! It’s only Monday and I am EXHAUSTED! I think they need to make weekends at least 3 days – who’s with me? Shall I start a petition? I just started working out hardcore, which took quite awhile to get motivation back.

trex exercise motivation meme

So yeah, every fiber of my body aches. But at least I’ve got pretty nails! My personal trainer always compliments me on them – we talk polish as she kills me with lunges and mountain climbers. It makes it a little less painful! Anyways, onto today’s mani!

Aqua and blush dotted skittlette

Mint and blush dotted skittlette

I just love this simple yet gorgeous look! As I’m sure you know, the whole mint/ teal/ aqua/ turquoise range is my all-time favorite. And I realized I haven’t used this particular holo in a really long time, so ta da! Mash them together and have a transitional accent nail with dots!

Mint and blush dotted skittlette

Mint and blush dotted skittlette

I really think my dotting game has been on point recently! Practice makes perfect and all that.

Polish My Life 1950s Mint Fridge with dots of ILNP Champagne Blush

Polish My Life 1950s Mint Fridge with dots of ILNP Champagne Blush

I was so happy that the holo I used worked so well with the dots! It comes off a bit on the sheer side on the first coat on its own, so I was worried it wouldn’t be pigmented enough for dots. But it totally worked like a charm!

And a closeup of the holo accent:

I Love Nail Polish Champagne Blush

I Love Nail Polish Champagne Blush


Polishes used:

  • Index & middle finger: Polish My Life 1950s Mint Fridge… This beauty is from the new PML All Things Vintage collection, and I adore it! As I’ve mentioned, PML hands down has the best formula for pastel cremes I’ve found. This mint is no exception! I love it so hard!
  • Ring finger:
    • Base: Polish My Life 1950s Mint Fridge
    • Dots: I Love Nail Polish Champagne Blush… this holo as mentioned above is a bit sheer on the first coat, but it builds up so nicely and is opaque in 2 coats. It’s a gorgeous pink rose gold linear holo with some golden shimmer that catches the light every now and then.
  • Pinky (& thumb): ILNP Champagne Blush

What do you think? What’s your favorite way to mesh 2 different colors with a transitional accent nail? And if you work out, how do you keep your motivation up?

Aaaaand now here’s your daily David Tennant! It’s a classic 🙂

David Tennant Allons-y, doctor who

Negative Space Chevron Manicure: September NCC #4

Did y’all check out manicures from NYFW? I honestly didn’t pay too much attention to them, but one sort of caught my eye. OPI did a simple negative space mani for Dion Lee. So I figured I’d like to try something similar for my last NCC geometric look!

Here’s OPI’s look:

OPI Dion Lee mani

Simple metallic vertical stripe on a naked nail

And here’s mine:

negative space manicure i love nail polish ilnp champagne blush barry m berry cosmo nail vinyls chevron

My take on the Dion Lee mani

I was going to just do the vertical chevrons, but the whites of my nails are tinged a bit yellow at the moment and I didn’t like how that looked! So I did a berry french manicure with the vertical chevron.

negative space manicure i love nail polish ilnp champagne blush barry m berry cosmo nail vinyls chevron

A bit different lighting to show off the holo

I used Barry M Berry Cosmo for the french tips, ILNP Champagne Blush for the vertical chevrons, and some trusty chevron nail vinyls from KBShimmer!

The Barry M line is just continuing to make me fall deeper in love! Every polish I try from them is creamy perfection and Berry Cosmo is no exception.

I was super excited to break out this ILNP from the new Fall collection – it’s definitely a unique shade for a holographic polish. The formula for the new holos in that line seems to be slightly thinner than I’m used to with ILNP’s holo polish. I have to go back and check the others I have, but yeah… it was pretty sheer on the first coat, and then it built up easily with a thicker second coat.

What do you think? Are you a fan of negative space manicures? That trend certainly doesn’t seem to fading at all!

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