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Colorful French manicure



Meh… that’s pretty much my thought on this manicure. I don’t hate it, but I certainly don’t love it. I like each color separately, I like the combo of them together, and it’s not messy or anything. But there’s something about it that I’m not thrilled about. I’m not a huge fan of French manicures for myself – I think they’re pretty and classy but never enjoy the look on my own nails.

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ILNP Birefringence

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any nail art. With Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, family staying with us, working, blah, blah, blah – I’ve had naked nails for almost a week. *Gasp* Such a travesty! I bought a few polishes from I Love Nail Polish, and I’ve been itching to put this glorious selection on my nails. Let’s just say it did not disappoint! Pictures do not do Birefringence justice. It’s an amazing ultrachrome with so many shifting colors. I tried to capture them all, but alas it ’twas not to be.

Here’s a sample of colors I found that are as close as possible to the ones represented in this stunning polish:


Birefringence is, in most lighting, a turquoise-blue-purple shifting polish. But with other lighting or certain contortionist hand positions, it shifts to fuschia/magenta-gold. Incredible!


Excuse the fact that I took the above pictures in my car (no worries, I was stopped and sitting in heavy traffic). But g’damn it’s gorgeous right? I can’t stop snapping pics!

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